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Tik Tok Uno Win

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Part 2

How to lose your girlfriend 101 meme

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  1. One time I was playing uno and I had a color changing card and a red card so I put the color change card down said uno and said yellow (you might think that was stupid) the person next to me put a yellow card down then the next person switched the color to red. when it came back to my turn I put the red card down and I beat them all. No joke

  2. Her : " If i win i go through your phone"
    Him :

    (This isn't my comment i just saw this type of comment months ago )

  3. Its funny how he put a +2 on a +4 knowing u can't do that

  4. Did the same thing to my friend once, he uhhhh… did some bad stuff.

  5. Her face at the end tho was like when u find a shark and a bunny at the same time but the shark is eating the bunny

  6. This is against UNO rules, throwing a +2 does not skip their turn

  7. This is what happens when you keep doing draw 2s or draw 4s in 2 player uno

  8. you cant uno out with a special card

  9. That's not how it works if u got x2 or x4 u just need to put 4 and if she doesn't have x4 or x2 she need to take 4 cards bru

  10. It would really be weird to get a deck like that without a script though.

  11. Dude there were so many rules in this that were broken that I just don't even like

  12. Y is it title tiktok uno win i did this when i was young

  13. I would start a war with anyone who would do that to me

  14. Imagine when you lose an uno game with your friends you pull out your reverse card then you instanly win the game

  15. Kind of sounded like Alexa that girl when she said* I hate you *

  16. Vinicius Hideki Miyasato Lopes VinyHideki says:


  17. You just did the biggest mistake of your life so it’s a 1v1 right and then when you added the +4 and the +2 and you did the skip and reverse so you get the cards because the skip and reverse go’s back to you. So basicly you did not win yet bro. Genius is it 😎😎😎😎

  18. I thought she was gonna give a reverse to him 😭

  19. That I hate you got me wheezing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  20. Her phone just got on wean she said 'i hate you '

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