The Uno card game box #summerofboxes -

The Uno card game box #summerofboxes

TheWoodfather – Mario
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Still in practice mode, but now I’m moving onto Boxes. I’m launching a little practice project for myself (and anyone else who might like to follow along), #summerofboxes !

This little box I made to store our Uno cards, is the first of what I hope is a bunch of boxes I make the next few months!

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00:00 – Intro
00:57 – Beginning the build 🔨
02:49 – Tablesaw sled guard
06:12 – POP!
06:54 – Status Check
08:16 – #SummerOfBoxes explanation!
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  1. Everyone loves a game of uno! Nice to see you challenge yourself in techniques. I think that’s a brilliant idea! 🤙

  2. Love it mate. That box was stunning and UNO is a staple in our house.

  3. Busy times ahead & good onya for ever challenging yourself, that’s a feather in your cap for learning & developing skills 👍

  4. Lotsa boxes…sounds like fun! 👍👍👍

  5. You could have recovered the wrapped grain by just planing enough from the cut to smooth the wood, then plane the outer face to required thickness. Use the cut face for the wrap. Neat trick is to mitre the base of the box walls & create a mitres on the base so the joint is almost invisible. ( I made a box with ALL sides mitred, lid drops I to place easily)

  6. That turned out great Mario. Looking forward to the rest of them .

  7. That's a lovely box 😁 nice job Mario. Looking forward the your next one. I think the next box should be one to hold all of your woodworking books 😁. Thanks Mario 😁👍

  8. Love the “summer of boxes”. Nice start and the little box came out nice. Good job mate…

  9. Groovy! I’m a keen to watch the summer of boxes 👌 every home needs a uno box 🤔 could have thrown in a few more uno puns haha

  10. Great work 😊 I'm looking forward to the next one 😊 ॐ

  11. That's a great sound it makes. I believe it is statistically impossible to run out of things to make boxes for… as once you think you have, you make a box for your boxes effectively raising your boxes to the power of box.

  12. Hello my friend.

    Nice design. Nice box for Uno cards. Congratulations. Good job. See you. stay healthy and safe. Merry Christmas. Big greetings…

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