The Ultimate Friend Destroying Card Game (The Oddities Play Uno) -

The Ultimate Friend Destroying Card Game (The Oddities Play Uno)

The Oddities Play
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In Todays video, The Oddities Play Uno and this time their friendships are tested. Who will win this insane card game in this uno funny moments video!

The Ultimate Friend Destroying Card Game (The Oddities Play Uno)
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Welcome To The Oddities Play!
We are a group of friends who love playing games together. here you will find a bunch of different gameplay videos and you get to watch us through our crazy Lets play gaming adventures. Some games you will find in our let’s plays are minecraft, roblox, among us and many more awesome games!

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  1. It will be fun with Roblox games because I found a good Roblox game called:
    “Infected Smile”

  2. Uno is one of my favorite games play this again

  3. Chewy: I'm gonna win I already predicted the future.


  4. Why is gallants picture a picture of BBH

  5. Can we admire the fact gallon is chugging a Red Bull in his picture

  6. Pls make more Minecraft pls beat the enderdragon atleast once

  7. I see a typo in the title itinerary its supposed to be "ultimaTe" friend destroying card game"


  9. Is no one gonna talk about Gallants picture?

  10. I like it when gallant gaming screams when NebNeb says no no love for you

  11. I don’t know why I find uno being hilarious when friends play against each other and plus 4 or plus 2 each other there tends to be great reactions

  12. I love this.
    This episode makes me very happy.
    Especially Gallant’s laugh.

  13. Pat's picture kinda scares me-

  14. who remembers gallents name reveal from his other channel roblox gaming not ran by him anymore

  15. im not joking pat’s pfp looks like johnny joestar in the jojo manga

  16. Play this again sometime this was fun to watch!

  17. Wait do Chelsey and neb like each other? If yes congrats

  18. Are The Oddities going to play Five Nights at Freddy's?

  19. The challenge rule states that if you have a plus 4 and use it someone can challenge it. If you had a different card you could’ve played than you lost the challenge.(basically if the the color was green and you had a green and a plus 4 but you place the plus 4 down you could get challenged and you would lose because you had a different card you could’ve played.

  20. I laughed when gallant said " NOW YOU'RE SKIPPED!!!"

  21. To be honest I like all off you. Good job on the Minecraft role play all of you. I also like that now you play new games like this. Uno. Have fun!

  22. It’s over anakin I have the High ground says:

    Pats avatar gyro zeppelin

  23. Pat plays uno the same way I do

  24. Wait…. gallants profile pic thing looks like him drinking…. ya’know.

  25. I just have to say this. The challenge rule means that if the person who played the +4, had something else they could have played besides the +4. Then they would lose and get +4. But if they didn't have another play, or they drew it. Then they would win, and the other person would get a +6. Also it dosen't apply if the person pick (chosen) a green but they didn't have another play, but they have a green. They would still get the +4. (Choosing your color won't save you. You can only win the challenges if you don't have another card besides that +4.)

    I hope this helps y'all in future games.

  26. Here is how the challenge works: if the player that placed a "+4" card has the color matching the one below it, then it would be a checkmark and that challenged player will have to draw 4. If not, then it would be an "X" and you will have to draw 4 plus 2 additional cards.

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