THE SUPERHERO I NEEDED (THE VANOSS UNO CLUTCH!) | Uno Card Game #33 Ft. Jiggly, Kryoz, Vanoss -

THE SUPERHERO I NEEDED (THE VANOSS UNO CLUTCH!) | Uno Card Game #33 Ft. Jiggly, Kryoz, Vanoss

Ohmwrecker / Maskedgamer
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Just when I thought I was done for a superhero answered my call!




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  1. Just after he said "oh, oh, oh Riley" I got the "Oh, oh, oh Ozempic" ad haha

  2. I hate how ohm wants to hurt everyone yet when it's his turn he whines and bitches

  3. Lmao

    "He doesn't have another red"
    "He better not"

    I can't. 🤣😂

  4. Kryoz whines too much. he gets all pissed off when ppl try to win or are competitive, it's annoying af

  5. Poor jiggly, they got rid of the cheesy potato burrito (just ask for a potato griller with beef it’s the same thing)

  6. Ohm:Ohhh , Jigglys about to win!
    John:not if I pull out my special card!
    Me:Soooooooo…..your gonna whip out your penis?!
    *plays a blue 7 *
    Me:wowww reall special Johnny boy!

  7. ohm plays so weird, holding on to colour changes and not playing his +4s when he really should and shit

  8. 36:47
    haha 69 haha

    this is what a 12 year old sees and laughs at even though they dont know what 69 means they just think its funny

  9. I hate watching fortnite games but i can watch 30 min of 4 people playing uno

  10. Ohm sounded so angry when John gave Evan the win it was so funny😂 "I'm having an aneurysm"

  11. I rewatched just to hear Ohm being… very excited

  12. I’m sick so this just made my day, Thank you Ohm dear. =)

  13. Hello? Police? I’d like to report a serial bunny hurter

  14. 4:34 all cards are red, push me to the edge XD jiggles I see what you did there

  15. Ohm if the person befor u puts down a card you have and no one jumps in that means no one has it, so use the same card and save the other for a possible jump in. It’s a little aggravating when u save the same card the person befor you puts down because of the possibility of a jump in lol.

  16. is it me or do they all suck at uno. ohm says he can punish vanos and he just doesnt care hes like oh i know he doesnt have red. really you see his hand then? dont even assume what colour they have just make them skip or draw.

  17. Ok, 33 out of 74. Only 41 left to watch. I’m going to fucking do it

  18. Vanoss learns that beginner's luck does not last long.

    30:30 Twistageddon.

    36:00 Vanoss was the hero Ohm needed, not the one he deserved.

  19. Things I love about this video:

    – Jigglesworth being his highly sexual self.
    – Vanoss helping Ohm at the end
    – Ohm being a broken man
    – Kryoz jumping at every opportunity to screw his friends

    That’s what I call a good uno match

  20. i love how ohm take this game so seriously and everyones just like calm down ohm. But when he play this w delirious, cartoonz , its so much more messy i love it more

  21. Not gonna lie, since Ohm has a TERRIBLE poker face, it’s amusing to see him suffer.

  22. Who else came back here to remember the good old days

  23. So last episode Vanoss had some of the best beginner's luck ever haha, I just couldn't get the W which I was hoping to change this session. These were some SUPER close matches, and UNO kept teasing me over and over… but eventually… well, I don't want to spoil it, let me know what you thought of the vid after you watch it! 😀

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