The perfect Uno hand! 🤯 -

The perfect Uno hand! 🤯

Justin Flom
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  1. That's not the way you play the game, play the game right

  2. I had a similar thing happen with my dad. We were playing, just started a new hand. JUST dealt. All of my cards were like this. He never even got to play a card.🤣

  3. reverse does not go back to your turn stupid it just goes the different way so basically it goes back to her stupid

  4. There is no way they actually thought that was legal!

  5. Wild instantly lost that game, since he played a yellow right after, meaning he set the colour to yellow, and wild doesn't skip a turn.

  6. Oh hey, a video format that makes Flom accomplish all of their nothing in less than a minute. Somehow still too long.

  7. I wanna did he win the house or not???…..he did win the game and she did say she’d bet your house

  8. These are painful and cringe… not to mention PATHETIC! Content creators these days…

  9. And he had 2 other blues you have to play if you have the colors you can’t switch colors untill your out of them

  10. These is dumb he's not playing the game right

  11. how do you play this game??? bc last time i checked im pretty sure you couldnt play a card after a wild card. your turn ends after a wild card

  12. Once he places a wild card down the next person hoes

  13. He doesn't even know how to play Uno.
    And she apparently doesn't if she didn't anticipate he at least have a Wild+4.

  14. some people might not realize that all the cards he played makes her turn over

  15. The problem is that reverse cards dont make you play again even in 1 v 1 games that is a house rule that ive never seen used ever so unless they set that rule prior it doesnt work that way, aswell a normal wild ends his turn so she had a shot to play again soooo yeah i hate these dumbass vids that are like "reverse to me" or wild change to blue also plus 2 or skip whatever that doesnt work never has never will

  16. – How fake do you want it to be?
    – Yes

  17. That's how u play it hell yeah 👍👍👍

  18. He cheated, when you use a plain wild, the other player doesn't lose their turn, and the first wild he used, he didn't even call a color.

  19. That's not how this game's supposed to be played dude 😂

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