The PERFECT Card Shuffle 👀 -

The PERFECT Card Shuffle 👀

Bao Magic
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  1. Wow! i have tryed the faro but the cards just wont stick inside, they just bounce off. Do you have any tips?
    keep up thw great work👍 !

  2. Oooo sweet song choice! What’s it’s name?

  3. How do you know you have exactly 26 cards in each half deck? How do you know when to go one card back or forth before splitting? Your precision mind blowing… I get anxiety from thinking about doing it myself 🙈🃏

  4. Terrific pharaoh shuffle but I prefer the bridge and waterfall to end it.

  5. Every time I pickup a deck. Now do it with one handed. Spoiler also easy with practice.

  6. Have u ever seen a bad magician? Oh wait yeah I assume uv got a mirror

  7. How much so you can send your cards to my house

  8. Is it only me who gulped hard😅🙄😬

  9. Thats cool and all but ehats the background song

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