The Most FUNNEST Card Game (Apples to Apples) -

The Most FUNNEST Card Game (Apples to Apples)

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We play the Board Game Apples to Apples in Table Top Simulator!
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  1. this is just a family-friendly cards against humanity

  2. You should’ve done Florida Florida does a brutal place

  3. SSundee my like button doesn’t turn blue and I’m really sad

  4. if you picked florida I would be so mad because I live in florida

  5. my like botton turned blue wheres my apple.

  6. Why is it so specific “head lice” like is there arm lice

  7. I used to have the board game of apples to apples it was really fun

  8. I played this game before and its veryyy fun and funny

  9. hey SSundee I liked where is my apple?

  10. Haha i get an Apple cause my like button turns black🤣🤣

  11. There's a grammatical error in the title of the video.

  12. He plays this game in more of a logical sense instead of what’s funny 😂

  13. Florida was the right answer for all but quite 😌 I rest my case

  14. I want to see more exploding kittens pleeeease

  15. My like button is white not blue, I don't get an apple ;(

  16. I was eating apple 🍎 when watching this

  17. i cant believe ssundee didnt pick head lice on the crispy one head lice are pretty crispy and chewy at the same time

  18. ssunde i like the like buton and i gat an appel in real live

  19. Well the like button turned black so I guess no apple for me 😭😩

  20. Ssundee: sarcasticly says milk is brutal (warning this will ruin your childhood)

    Milk can give you cancer and the older you get the higher chance you will get cancer

  21. There are many games Ian should play more, and this is one of them

  22. A KNIGHT AND MALK IS BRUTAL Ssundee:wth why

  23. play throw throw burrito i bet that'll be chaotic

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