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You like cards do you… WELL THEN HAVE ALL THE CARDS YOU WANT!!

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  1. Bob: Do you have any offensive cards?
    Mark: No.
    Me: I don't know, that carrot card was pretty suggestive.

  2. The amount of. Special cards mark got amazes me XD but they just got threw away

  3. can someone send me a link to get this kind of uno? all the other ones are kinda shit

  4. Most of the time Mark is my favorite. But when they play Uno, Wade is always my favorite.

  5. Great job 👏 go watch yeonmi park to save North Korea that need to be freed jh

  6. I have anxiety right now and watching these guys fucking kill each other with words realy REALY helps

  7. The thumbnail of this video reminds me of the movie truth or dare.

  8. The fact mark almost won the game and he didn’t even realize it makes me mad

  9. I feel bad for anyone named Barbara watching this

  10. Blue snow? Basically a blueberry slushy, right?

  11. So imagine you win a match against Markimoo.

  12. Stop saying why are you making the bot win. Jesus.

  13. bob’s “see wade this is why nobody likes you” at the end is just perfection

  14. Mark " listen i think we should be nicer to the bots",
    Me " looking at you wade".

  15. The fight with If snow is blue or white is the best thing in the world

  16. the true lenagary card is the uno revers card because if some one try killing u can just pull that card then he will kill him self

  17. 4:47 Wow back in the days when Wade had to think hard to remember Barbara's name

    Also Bob's laugh at 9:27 brings me pure joy

    Also also Mark really turned into Bob from Reverse Your Entire Existence at 13:30

  18. 11:22 Why? LET ME PLAY!!! GOD F**K YOU!!!
    Honestly could feel the pain in his voice. RIP Mark in that round.

  19. This is the vid i found mark thx to a random recomadation and it was the best YouTube Discovery ever

  20. Why did I spend the whole video waiting for an actual +9999 card?

  21. 7:0p he has +4 get shuffled to the left to bob, bob asked if he trusted heart of the cards while matk had another +4 ans said no, if he had said yes him and bob could've +8 wade but alas he didn't trust the heart of the cards

  22. Mark: Barbara did nothing wrong!
    Also Mark: F*ck Barbara!

  23. “Absolutely not;” One of my fav things Bob says on the regs.

  24. 7:29

    Wade: I deserve a win it's been a long day.

    Bob: Y O U A L R E A D Y W O N !

  25. One of wades laughs sounded likes spys laugh from popular game team fort 2

  26. Legend has it if you chant, "Barbara" into the mirror 3 times Bob will appear behind you, screaming.

  27. Who else misses Markiplier cussing raise your hand 🖐️

  28. When Mark finally won it was a serious sigh of relief for me 🥲

  29. Mark has 2 yellow cards left* also mark: changed the colour to blue

  30. That picture and that title are just freaking hilarious hahaha

  31. Never let Wade say he's a short stack ever again. That's obviously Mark.

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