The Evolution of UNO (1971-2020) -

The Evolution of UNO (1971-2020)

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General Info:
Welcome one and all to the history of the card game you, a family member, or even friends have played. I go over some brief history, then we run down all the most popular and important versions of UNO over the years. We will include the physical card game versions AS WELL AS the electronic versions.

Additional Info:
Please note that there were other versions regarding “celebrity” editions as well as kids editions, but these were not important to the companies’ success as the rights were shuffled around over the years. Also note that UNO was updated far more frequently and had a slightly longer support life on iOS than Android for reasons unknown. Yes, I know, UNO was on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and DSi, but they are all so similar to the mobile version released in 2012, that I decided to go with that to sum it all up. The holders over the years have been Merle Robbins, International Games Inc., Mattel, Gameloft and Ubisoft. However, Mattel is the dominant holder to this day regarding physical copies while Ubisoft has electronic rights.

0:17 UNO 1971
0:28 UNO Hearts 1994
0:50 UNO 2001
1:09 UNO H2O 2004
1:17 UNO Spin 2005
1:28 UNO Flash 2007
1:32 UNO Attack 2010
1:43 UNO Dare! 2013
2:05 UNO Wild Jackpot 2016
2:10 DOS 2017
2:43 UNO 2019
2:53 UNO Flip! 2019
3:02 UNO Braille 2019
3:11 UNO DS 2006
4:05 UNO Android 2010
5:14 UNO Android & iOS 2012
6:03 UNO & Friends 2013
7:04 UNO for iOS (Final Update) 2014
8:07 UNO for Switch, PC, Xbox One, PS4 2017
9:13 UNO for Android & iOS 2018

Enjoy! 😉


  1. I think I've played the uno for android one it was my favorite

  2. You guys forgot uno tippo but it's OK that one sucks.

  3. There is a reprint of Uno H2O that released just last summer. it was renamed Uno Splash with a waterproof version of Dos also being released called Dos Splash

  4. glad to see uno still lives these days. They're 50 now holy shoot.

  5. I wonder if the Uno video games also had options for, and/or alternate Uno decks that could be unlocked in those games? I would love to play a video game with the iconic 1970s Uno deck in the game.

  6. The classic 1971 version of uno will always be my favorite one.

  7. Uno mobile by Mattel 163 was released on Facebook games in 2018 and android and iOS in January 2019.

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