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Looks like you’re going to the shadow realm, Wade-o.




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  1. Barbara is a big cheater. The 0 was yellow then it was suddenly green.

  2. Bro mark, bob and wade have made 50 fricking Brian Regain references in older videos

  3. I still can't believe that Mark forgot you can team up in UNO when he played that mode only a few years ago.

  4. “You need to relax when you’re making the crank calls” is a Brian Regan reference. I’m smiling so much rn

  5. "You need to relax when you make the krank calls" man I love Brian Regan

  6. 8:17 a couple seconds after that the one at the top(sorry I’m not good with names) says the F word they all have a pfp with white people in it so

  7. Mark: has 2 plus 2’s and a plus 4 hey let’s play this regular green four instead of plus two-ing bob who is about to win

  8. If Wade chose Mark then he could've jumped in and won. Nice job Wade

  9. 1:19 this officially confirms bob is a Brian Regan fan. I can rest peacefully now

  10. I like how Mark had the chance to jump in with a +4 on Barbara and he let Wade draw 4 instead

  11. Someone needs to make a compilation of all the times Wade has had a stroke in these videos, I feel like it’d be a long one.

  12. These videos are my favourite in the whole world. They help me when I’m anxious and are just the best. To anyone reading this, you are loved always and if things are shit they are gonna get better

  13. Cách hát của Phúc hiện đại, tinh tế và mang hơi hướng Kpop nhưng lại rất ấm áp, dịu dàng…1 ca khúc tuyệt vời ❤

  14. I find it funny how honest Wade is about his cards.

  15. Alternative title: mark fucks up everyone’s plans

  16. I love it how I click on the video and I hear “barrrbraaaa! Bbbbbaaaarrrrbrrraaaaaa! NOOOOO!!!”

  17. Going to be that guy for a minute. The rules state that you may play a +4 only when you are missing the color you need – it says nothing about other cards you might be able to play. So yes, if the card is a green 0 and you don't have any green, you can play a +4 even if you have a yellow 0 to play.

  18. This got recommended to me r the day of in space with markiplier gmmmmm

  19. Mark's face when he was about to win but they joined in on a red 5. Then immediately after he jumped in with the red 4 to win. XD

  20. Just letting you know they did play versus teams on Uno they did play it with Jack I am not joking go check it out yourself

  21. Mark bro Can you help me house. Hunter deno instead mark she agree to help my new power rangers crush

  22. If I live closer to jojo siwa I feel like I will be happy maybe my momma and her Tom Jayden I hang with jojo for a day when my momma off work Maybe they can help us

  23. I’m can’t believe I’m might be moving to my rangers crush hunter deno she single

  24. 1:20 you gotta relax when you make the crank calls
    -brian Regan for those of you dont know

  25. The Uno gods were in Bob's favor when he wished for the Wind +4

  26. Was the thumbnail of this video always so similar to ISWM?

  27. when mark says "that's a good solution!" At 18:55, it's hilarious that it sounds like Rick Sanchez

  28. 22:13
    this is basically what happened.
    Mark: "yeah alright! U-"
    Barbra: "you didn't call UNO!"
    the clearly biased ref forces Mark to draw two
    such bullshit
    and this is after Wade calls Barbra out, Mark challenges her, she has a zero and can clearly play a card, and the biased ref rules in her favor
    the game engine is simping for a fucking AI!

  29. The amount of times mark could’ve saved Bob from wade just shows how badly he wanted Bob to suffer

  30. bob: gotta relax when you make the crank calls
    me after just listening to brian reagan: OMG its a reference

  31. Did anyone else get the reference at the start? I did but I don’t see any comments about it

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