The BIG BANG Happened in UNO! | UNO Multiplayer Card Game with Friends! -

The BIG BANG Happened in UNO! | UNO Multiplayer Card Game with Friends!

Ohmwrecker / Maskedgamer
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From UNO pro plays to the start of the universe… this session had it all! 😀
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  1. Hey ohm I love your videos but when are you going back to Minecraft? The guys miss you in the server and there are some nice gifts for you from Toonz, Squirrel and delirious

  2. 28:25 did Ze make a super obscure Final Fantasy 8 reference?? Quoting Doc Odin

  3. Nothing like BigJiggly humor, Momo's giggles and Ohm's overexcitement to start the day

  4. Uno version of the movie Ground Hog Day, always on repeat…

  5. why don't you play with Vanoss and friends anymore?not that I watch your vids because of them. just curious

  6. Where is Ze's link in the description ? x'DDDD

  7. I fell off my bed I laughed so hard dude I love your videos

  8. I really love the chemistry in this group, I feel like Ohm should try other games with them such as Half Dead 2 or smth and see how it goes.

  9. Time is based on speed once you go the speed of light time slows down

  10. Lmao everyone talks over Momo and they don't even notice

  11. At 31:45 when ohm started to say "I got the biggest" did anyone else think he was gonna say something entirely different than "fluffiest face" or just my dirty mind?

  12. Space beyond space is called Deep Space…

  13. come for a funny card game, stay for the exhilarating science talk. thrilling.

  14. THE PROPHECY IS TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Jiggly- "that was just such an odd encounter! He just seductively said my name & then…UHHH!!" "Why did it sound like that?! U somehow made it sound intimate!" Lmao I love u ohm, & I'm glad jiggly also appreciates the glory of the things u say!😂😂😂

  16. When you're not sure if Momo is speaking or one of the Rabbids

  17. almost a hundred episodes of uno and he still didn't understand that it doesn't register what he's clicking unless he moves the mouse to it in the current turn

  18. It has been a while, the return of Unowrecker/Masked4+er

  19. ohm something happen in mincraft inside your base

  20. how cute momo when she draw two 4+

  21. >Comes here to distract myself from my existential anxiety.
    >"Does time exist?"

  22. 14:04 momo "because he doesn't have red you cheeky bitch! let me play the game!!" lol she's so cute

  23. Como tiras dos cartas? Seguidas en el min 2:50 se podía hacer?

  24. Been awhile since we've seen a UNO vid from you! Nice to see you 4 together again… 😀

  25. Ohm: Everyone wins except for Ze

    Me: that will never happen he got at least one chance to win

    After watching the video

    Me: I knew

  26. Nothing better than to see the quad being astronomers accidentally

  27. You got "featured" in a video of game theory

  28. Sometimes I don't realize it's the Rabbid making noises during special cards. I'm thinking how I love Momo's laughs, then realize she's talking while the Rabbid's spouting gibberish.

  29. momo is getting bullied by ohmwrecker I just want to squish her with my love poor baby

  30. 20:46 The voice of Fat Albert and Kermit’s child. 😂

    Good seeing Uno again!

  31. I would like to see Momo's face, she sound like a cute girl 😍

  32. Ohm Play dbd Steve , this uno is a waste of Time .

  33. Please play more Last Year: The Nightmare

  34. Please play more Last Year: The Nightmare

  35. Please play more Last Year: The Nightmare

  36. Please play more Last Year: The Nightmare

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