The BIG BANG Happened in UNO! | UNO Multiplayer Card Game with Friends! -

The BIG BANG Happened in UNO! | UNO Multiplayer Card Game with Friends!

Ohmwrecker / Maskedgamer
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From UNO pro plays to the start of the universe… this session had it all! 😀
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  1. Momo sounds like a hentai girl in a cat cosplay

  2. The space beyond space is called the intergalactic void.

  3. Wow. The parallel of the edge of the ever-expanding universe and the edge of rendering distance was hilarious :D.

  4. Everytime Momo dies. My happiness grows twice as much for a few minutes because I don't have to hear her crying constantly anymore.

  5. Me: And what if it happens to me personally, instead of just in a video.
    Therapist: Ohmwrecker won't ever be able to make you confused when he's playing Uno. You don't even live in the same timezone. How would you ever meet him to play?
    Ohmwrecker: Time is infinite beyond the edge of it.
    Me: It's HaPpEnInG! I'm confused!

  6. Ohms cartoon TAB made your house how to change your dragon in subs in Minecraft have made the teeth into pumpkins come come look because because her teens have decorate every me all your house is

  7. I'm sure ohm like to be abused by momo lol
    And if we were that fast on earth wouldn't be age little faster then what we already have?

  8. Can you do more depth I love watching you play that game

  9. 22:29
    Game: plus 2 to Momo
    Ohm: that’s what you get though…
    Game stalls
    Ohm: Don’t!!
    Momo: (stacks plus 2) that’s what you get though 😀

  10. Ohm going "UNEE?" when they said un-eecorn made me go DEMEE??? when he calls the demigoron demee-gorgon

  11. Why did jiggly sound like a priest when he said I have all the color my child

  12. Time is a human construct, I'm a human construct, everything we take as fact is a human construct and this uno session is a human construct.

    Why does anybody even try to make sense of this horse shit? We're floating through existence on a pale blue dot, yet we still stress about everything we can? Couldn't be me 😂

  13. Omg when jiggly called ima get four of em

  14. I really love this game until now, but i do really this one. Magnificent 👍😍💯

  15. You should look into Journey to Elysium it's a VR puzzle game

  16. 11:58 U’ve gotta select/highlight the card first…, 14:46 See Ohm, it’s called a “DRAW four”!!!!, 18:42 U took too long duh, what else…. And last but not least, why’s Momo taking so long on every turn to make a move!?…

  17. I feel so high after watching this video. How high were yall when you had that space/time talk? 😂

  18. Space beyond space is just a giant rainbow loading circle

  19. Time is just a human conception. It’s basically something we made up to put time stamps on things. For example, time doesn’t exist in a black hole. It’s also trippy because all we know about the universe is what we can observe so far. For all we know, there’s more universes outside of our universe in space. So you weren’t far off of multiverses haha

  20. Is it me, or does Momo sound like she could be a Rabbid, with the noises she makes.

  21. God I, ove uno. Ohm means are fantastic. No homo XD

  22. "YOU CHEEKY BITCH" is my new favourite line 🤣

  23. 0:50 Truly, the problem with double bluffs is someone may not realize it's a bluff in the first place.

  24. I think Momo's attacking Ohm is long overdue payback for him trolling her in Last Year.

  25. No… Time dilates when you are moving faster than light.

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