The 100 Card UNO Challenge! ~ UNO Funny Moments -

The 100 Card UNO Challenge! ~ UNO Funny Moments

Daithi De Nogla
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  1. Ive been watching Fran for almost a year now and to know you play with him omg the best

  2. Only the luckiest of people, get to get their comment hearted by nogla😪

  3. really enjoyed! would love to see future videos with these guys

  4. I'm dying in laughter from the yelling

  5. 100+ Card Challenge?
    More like 4 grown men screaming at the top of their lungs for 21 minutes and 53 seconds

  6. Nogla who are these guys? Your not separated from the Gmod crew are you?

  7. Nogla is becoming vanoss he is leader now

  8. A guy that can straight in a wall with his mouth open😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  9. Youre so dumb to not figure out how it works

  10. Damn, didnt expect nogla playing without the vanoss crew would be so boring. More precisely, those dudes are boring, not nogla

  11. 10 000 thousand subscribers With 0 videos challenge says:


    LMFAO I don't think I actually felt as much anger and distain in any of Nogla's rages until that point LOL.

  13. Hey nogla, did you go to comicon in London?

  14. i must admit that i have to see more games with these guys lmao

  15. Did anyone else figure out instantly that the 100 card guy can’t get anymore cards unless the other 3 play their cards? They had no idea….

  16. Im supa fast at liking your videos, i liked it within the first 2 seconds

  17. They could have done it first try, if they watched mini's video for tips first.

  18. There’s nothing more to say about this video than
    I love it do more


  19. Who is this guys i only know vanoss,terroriser,and moo plsying with you

  20. 7:00
    If you play the last card in the deck, it'll go straight back into the deck so that's why they kept drawing a red 1. Also, there are a limited amount of cards which means only 1 person can get 100 cards!!!

  21. Ooooooooooffffffff ssssseeeeeeaaaaaaasssssoooonnnnnnnn

  22. @nogla you have other friends besides the vanoss crew?

  23. Bruh the merch ad runs then an actual ad runs tf

  24. Yeah I'm not watching this video unless it's people I like

  25. Not gonna lie I blanked out looking at the cards when the yelling started at the end

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