The 100 Card UNO Challenge! ~ UNO Funny Moments -

The 100 Card UNO Challenge! ~ UNO Funny Moments

Daithi De Nogla
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  1. This easily one if funniest videos ever watched on YouTube, oh my god the yelling 😂😂😂

  2. hey nogla try to play with fran and ted and eco in mine craft with your friends

  3. The reason the deck keeps disappearing and reappearing is because there are only 108 cards to play in Uno.

  4. This should've been an achievement!

  5. So how the game works is that is has its set number of cards in the deck. Thus when you play a card that card goes back into the deck. Hence why you all kept getting red 1s


  7. I was sloughing you hard I was crying I could barely stay still that was awsome

  8. I burst out laughing when you started playing "final boss" music.

  9. I have to say it. You need to stop drawing and and start playing your cards so he can pick them up.

  10. Fran’s deck was 100 cards long and he managed to climax
    I’m not an alien

  11. It’s like pulling up with a fucking tank at a nerf war

  12. The most frustrating thing was the fact that none of them seemed to comprehend for the longest time that the reason the deck was vanishing was because they HAD ALL THE CARDS and that they kept getting that red 1 and later the red 0 because it was the only card being played and thus being put back into the deck! All they had to do was play a different colored card (maybe sacrifice one from the big hand after they got rid of their other color 1's) and BOOM! Instantly the problem gets fixed! They can play out their cards and grow the hand.

  13. ONE HUNDRED CAAAAAAARRRRDSSSS YEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!! I watched the whole time no skipping….. my god that was so intense

  14. you guy need to lower your card to 3 so the desk have more card so him can have 100

  15. I’ve only seen this raw power once before

  16. Did anybody see what happened at 6 minutes and 52 seconds

  17. this screaming match is actually hilarious Im wHeeZiNG

  18. when you do stupid things to be stupid because you wanna be stupider xdxdxd (i like it)

  19. Miniladd did it first at the start of the year Jan 6 2019 that's why it was so hard to get to 100 cards because the creater probably fixed it

  20. Did anyone else notice the uno DLC at the end of the video?

  21. A nap now trying to reach 1000

  22. You should make a “my deck is bigger then yours” shirt

  23. I was just playing uno with my family and was already dying from laughter. Then I watch this and it drains me even more. I literally can’t breathe 😂😂😂

  24. Wonder if it's possible to do it in real life 😏

  25. imagine if it would be one card like u can give someone 100 cards it would be like

    me: may god have mercy on thou soul whilst thou is enduring death

  26. In Yu-Gi-Oh it's all about believing in the heart of the cards. While in Uno its all about Deck sizes! ;D

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