The 100 Card UNO Challenge! ~ UNO Funny Moments -

The 100 Card UNO Challenge! ~ UNO Funny Moments

Daithi De Nogla
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  1. 9:30 they could've changed the color with the "deck" and if they went to 1 card each, he could have had 105 cards total

  2. Whoever had the big deck should have played the plus 4 cards to force their opponents to draw to increase the chance of getting 7s and plus 2 or 4 cards

  3. Fran has the amount of cards that an EA mobile games costs.

  4. "Wait, we ran out of cards to play!"
    "Hang on"
    runs to Walmart, picks up a new box of Uno, goes back
    "Okay, let's continue"

  5. Hey thanks for this video you and your bros are so funny that I couldn't stop laughing this video has made my day thanks and also I subscribed to your channel

  6. Ah, yes, Reverse Uno; also called Cíen

  7. … it puts the most recently played card on the bottom of the "deck" if theres only 1 card youll draw the same card.

  8. I almost cried when you reached 100 cards
    Me:It's so beutiful

  9. It would be even funnier if you titled the video ‘…:Merging Decks/…:Decks Ahoy’

  10. Now the real challenge is to do this with a bot.

  11. Watching this video. I know all the people playing have a combined IQ of 10.😂😂

  12. Watching this on a tv while my mom and aunt is in the other room, where the speaker was accidentally connected, is awkward..

  13. You guys got insane my goodness, when you started shouting, i couldn't stop laughing like my tummy hurts-

  14. I don't know if you realize this during the video, but at one point you literally had every card in the game in your hands. That's why the deck disappeared. That's why the deck reappeared once you played a card and that's the reason why you always drew the same card.

  15. When a player reaches 80+ cards or there is a total of 100+ cards in every bodies decks combined the system starts with the disappearing deck, and if it keeps going for turns at these points the systems of online UNO makes it where either they always get the same card, same number, same color, or even the card that is on the top of the deck, because the game starts to break after 80 cards from a overload, and the player can even be kicked, and when the total cards in the game makes it to 110-120+ the game usually skips everybody and goes to the boi with the most cards.

  16. Vabbe Bro sarò italiano ma cazzo mi hai fatto ridere un botto nel finale

  17. I don't think you guys understand how this uno workssss, you have to get rid of your cards so the other guy can get moreee, stop drawing

  18. Man it's funny how they put there outro music but not the name of it

  19. Frandaman's crew + nogla = perfection

  20. It went to calm to yelling bloody murder

  21. How did you capture my last four brain cells on video?

  22. Nogla, when you play 100 card level challenge is imposseble.

    Cause every 3 team must pull a +4 or +2 and if this had to reach 90% card, there is 0,19860% chance to draw a card and 99% chance the card was dissapper.

  23. It was actually so funny when oh no gala got the 88

  24. AI Luna: Okay Fran… You're not playing right… GET OUT!
    Basic summary of what happened at 7:50
    9:06 AI Hawking: You're not playing right either Ted… Get out now!

  25. When you play a card the deck appears because you can pick up that card.

  26. The reason why the deck keeps disappearing it is because there is 108 cards in a stack

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