The 100 Card UNO Challenge! ~ UNO Funny Moments -

The 100 Card UNO Challenge! ~ UNO Funny Moments

Daithi De Nogla
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  1. Just for future reference, a standard Uno deck is 108 cards. For one person to have 100, the other players must have no more than 8 between them. Still, if you use special decks (or more than 1 irl) then you can get to 100 easier.

  2. Play the fucking game or draw 100

    They chose to draw 100 ._.

  3. You do know it recycled the pile of the deck runs out right?

  4. You guys are fucking stupid stop fucking screaming

  5. This is the most Funniest VIDEO IM WATCHING THIS ON 2021

  6. There should be a endless deck mode

  7. Literally the best game of uno I have ever witnessed. Absolute legend

  8. Nogla Mask can’t hurt you, he doesn’t exist.

    Nogla Mask: 0:06

  9. Do ya wanna know how i got this Deck? (Joker)

  10. I watched Mini Ladd's video of this challenge and the same thing happened with the deck.

  11. I did this with 2 people and it worked but we had an infinite game xD

  12. “I could take over Congress with this deck” really aged well lmao

  13. That time Nogla got to 84 cards cuz he was done with everyone’s shit and refused to play a single card

  14. The freaking shouting about them reaching 90+ was hilarious

  15. This is the most intense thing I’ve ever seen

  16. Top 10 how to level up in UNO

  17. Nogla you should have put ur reverse card and then use your wild card

  18. Nogla: who has a small deck now
    Fran: nogla you have no room to talk
    Nogla: I have the same room as you


  19. there are only a certain amount of cards in the deck

  20. "I can take over congress with this deck"


  21. Wants to get 100… Keeps 12 cards himself and draws… Well maybe you have to get rid of you 12.

  22. Her: I wonder if he’s cheating on me
    Me: the bois and I trying to get a hundred uno cards

  23. This is the most intense uno game to ever exist

  24. I could only imagine nogla and the others in co-op chess

  25. This deck ain't big enough for the 2 of us

  26. This is like waiting for a game on console to download without collage internet

  27. Instead of you finishing the card just put it in 100

  28. When the intro music is the same as Sam and colbys 😂

  29. how many win was that??? this is crazy i lost count !

  30. Hey, so I’m playing with Fran my ex editor today. And his two friends. They are cool guys who do their own stuff on their channels. I had a lot of fun playing with them and don’t worry I’ll be leaving my group to permanently play with these guys. Jk hahaha but don’t be afraid if ye see them here and there. They cool doods!

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