That friend who takes games too seriously 😂😳🤬 #shorts -

That friend who takes games too seriously 😂😳🤬 #shorts

Matt & Justus
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  1. Connect four him winning twice diagonal and horizontal 😂

  2. Good ending: he shoots the shattered mirror aka what's left of it because he wanted to oof himself but he didn't know that the mirror is a reflection of himself.

  3. Stages of people who takes the game seriously
    Stage 1: Scream
    Stage 2: Hurts themselves
    Stage 3: Suicides
    Stage 4: turns into a ghost
    stage 5: dies in the afterlife
    stage 6: turns into a zombie
    stage 7: turns into a demon
    stage 8: turns into an angle
    stage 9: turns into a demon Gordon
    Final stage: turns into a black hole 💀

  4. Me when my tablet lags and im in a middle of a game

  5. That “ SUCK MY D**K” was personal 💀💀💀

  6. Did anyone else see he also won diagonally?

  7. “Wait Matt you won horizontal”
    Me : bruh, what about the diagonal

  8. "C*CK SUCKER"
    Comes back while the guy from the back does light skin stare

  9. No one is going to talk about that diagnal win?

  10. The fact that he said "Uno" instead of "Uno game"

  11. Matt won ages before that scene in connect 4 because I saw 4 going diagonaly

  12. The guy with blue shirt is the actual killer of the guy(literally one oversmart guy in every friend zone)who died with a gun shot😂😂,

  13. What if he seid the n word💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  14. Oh my god so funny do more of these please this was so funny 😂😂😂😂

  15. He won before that even with four diagonaly lined up 😂


  17. the fact that matt got another diagonal line in connect four is crazy

  18. This is make me jumscare I am getting not to sleep because of he and it happen to my stick nodes game not a pro and im bealiveing you cause it happen to me a said a first now lets play a stick nodes and then when I got inside I keep go out and its getting out this make me creep out an the she gone and she jumscare this make a heart attack and im said from my and dad pleas bealive this guy its realy happen

  19. It’s not just horizontal, there’s also a diagonal

  20. that's definitely me right there i always take everything too serious.

  21. Matt won twice in connect 4 horizontal and on the side

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