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[Super Mario UNO cards] Close look at the deck

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Nintendo released an official Super Mario version of the UNO card game in Japan. In this video, we’ll show you the great artwork on all the cards.

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  1. 1.Mario2.Luigi3.Peach4.Yoshi5.Daisy6.Toad7.DK8.Bowser9.Diddy Kong10.Birdo

  2. TigerHi how’s your days off work hope you’re doing good today so we are best friends

  3. Waluigi and Diddy Kong are in the cards, but Bowser Jr. not?!

  4. The wild cards with:
    – Mario holding an Invincibility star is used to negate the effects of the card last played (i.e. the player before you played +2, etc.) and it also lets you choose the color.
    – Mario hitting a ? block are custom cards. Any inventive rule to enhance the UNO experience can be applied to these (e.g. my idea for one of these cards is a Lightning Bolt forcing everyone else to draw a card).

  5. Its ok rosalina fans im a rosalina fan also but i buyed this one theres a house rule draw rosalina and the houserule just try it good luck drawing rosalina

  6. OMG, Daisy appears in the game. I thought it had not been taken into account again, and even touched the letter number six, my favorite. And there would be Rosalina's witch. í lose ir Daisy <3. í hate Rosalina >:(

  7. I'm not sure how I feel like I was wondering how to do with the help

  8. Aku suka iihat kartu onu jadi penye main kartu onu 😄

  9. this cards deck is plastic or paper?

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