She didn`t see that coming @justinflom 6868424356507159813 -

She didn`t see that coming @justinflom 6868424356507159813

Viral Tiger
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  1. I hate peoples explaining the rules and how he broke them. It’s a game you play to have fun. Doesn’t even need rules it’s not that deep

  2. Wild cards don’t allow you to go again.

  3. Did someone notice that she looks kinda like eminem..😂

  4. This reminds me when uno tweeted saying "you can't do stacks it's against the rules" and someone responded TO THE ACTUAL UNO TWITTER ACCOUNT saying "you don't know how to play uno*

  5. You can’t end with a power card so you lost and she won

  6. Well, I have taken shits smarter than her so obviously he was going to win

  7. U cheat u went agin after it wasn’t a pluck color card or circle and I still went so I say u trasgy

  8. Uno is a game of deception, the winner is not the lucky one, but the one who tricks people into using their rules

  9. We play switch with a poker deck cards wat are these cards ????haha

  10. You can't end pn a power card last in my rules

  11. Btw the wilds only let you pick a colour not skip the opponents turn

  12. I like how all of that is obviously staged.

  13. I remember one thanksgiving where’s my cousin made a similar move against my brother and my brother jump over the table to strangle him. And me in the corner enjoying the chaos.

  14. If you place a wild and change the color it’s her turn

  15. Done that and its so fun to kick that person's a$$ when you do that lol!!!

  16. I wish YouTube had a Like button, a Dislike button, and a CRINGE button.

  17. So tired of seeing these stupid staged videos.

  18. Bruh wild doesn’t skip turns. I know that some people have their own rules, but…

  19. Using a wild card doesn't allow you to automatically go again

  20. When you pick a color you can't play twice in a row

  21. You can’t do that since you reversed it back to your turn then used a wild card that counts as your turn meaning she might have won

  22. Can someone explain me what he did wrong?

    Edit: Ohh, you can't play a card after placing the wild card! Well, looks like I have to renew the rules again to my friends.😑

  23. He did so many rule breaking here, But also uno rules are just what you agree to be a rule 😂

  24. lol U don't know how to play and plus when U use a wild, which is weird but correct me if I'm wrong isn't there 1 or 2 in he while set which makes this stunted, and alot of people dont know this but in a game of uno the last card placed after U say Uno has to be a numbered card

  25. So when he drop 2+ she is at the turn🤷‍♂️

  26. Once you put down a wild card a pick the color thats the end of your turn then it goes to the next person because putting down the wild is your turn

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