She didn`t see that coming @justinflom 6868424356507159813 -

She didn`t see that coming @justinflom 6868424356507159813

Viral Tiger
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  1. He messed up. A quick flaw but he still kept going.

  2. that’s not even the rules. Bro threw out a wild color changer. After a wild with no draw on it it’s the other persons turn

  3. btw she won when he put down the wild he had to change it to yellow giving her a chance to play and she had a yellow

  4. Bro my brother play uno by drawing cards ever turn and this happens every time and he always wants me to play with him and this is why I say no

  5. That blonde woman has seto kaiba energy lol

  6. Didn’t the wild mean it would be the other persons play and then back to u

  7. Draw 4 would make it her turn you can’t skip after that

  8. Can't end on a 'Wild'. Must be a number.

  9. Wilds don't skip the person.
    Can't stack draw cards.
    Must end on a number card.

  10. Badass way to play UNO telling ya right now.

  11. I would be so sure of winning only with +4 in hand. His +4 is already all he needs to change the situation in a game without all this rules with op wild and change direction cards

  12. Mfs can’t just enjoy a video we know these aren’t the rules 🤦🏽‍♂️ just shut tf up n enjoy the content damn😂😂😂😂🤷🏽‍♂️

  13. After you placed the first wild it was supposed to be her turn

  14. Reverses wouldn't actually skip the other person. It only means something with 3+ people playing. Otherwise, what's the difference between it and a skip?

  15. Ok, ok, ok, I realize that everyone has their own rules, but only psychopaths skip with wilds.

  16. Technically when he put down the normal wild it would be her turn so this is fake. What’s next libtards😎

  17. I like how all their videos are always staged

  18. Hold up for the wild one, wouldn’t he just pick a color and then it is her turn

  19. : how many rules do you want to break

    This guy :yes

  20. Reverse is just a direction change. If it is in a 1vs1 situation, the card has no other use than a normal card. And that is fax. Think about it

  21. This guy cheated. A wild card does not skip a turn.

  22. For those saying everyone has a unique way of playing Uno, y'all aren't wrong . . . But with the amount of cards he had, he could've won…if he had every skip/reverse card in that deck.

    I see this way of playing all the time and for some reason, my family on my mom's side okays like this. Here's are their reasonings (IMPORTANT: THESE EXAMPLES ARE FOR 2 PLAYERS ONLY. NO MORE ND NO LESS):
    On draw _, 1 or more cards are picked up then that's your turn, UNLESS the other person can go.
    For example: they need a green 7
    They draw a red 4 -> they can't go
    They draw a green or 7 -> they can go

    On reverse, then it's your turn again, since it reverses back to you.

    On skip, you skip the opponent, henceforth it being your turn again.

    And for wild, if you call a color they don't have, the draw it, they don't it's your turn again.

  23. I like how Uno is more about convince the other players that your rule is the right

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