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Today I play Roblox Uno! Let me know if you want me to play any more card games on the channel or stuff like that!


  1. Can you play with me my user is reapersssssssso

  2. Bro, you know you said the f word during this.

  3. Albert you just lose because because you need more practiss

  4. flamingo hates pink elephant he bullies panda girl and fears xxxdanito

  5. I HATE show people BULLY and SAY BAD THINGS lol

  6. I’m in the surery room right now bye I have to go now I will watch when I’m back

  7. i love how albert screamed when he got his first win

  8. Wow the guy who beat him sed that albert is a rgaer noob but he rage quited two

  9. Albert when you sayd "you thougt a had a 6 i allready have one" elephant put diwn a 9 not a 6

  10. The 1 dude was noob lool sees this video
    Well i played myseof 😀

  11. Albert:u know how to play uno right?
    Me:of course i dont know how to play irl

  12. I will try to guess alberts past and future ok here we go
    1997:Alberto born I think?
    1999: Albert move to New house
    2002: house is 2 story tall
    2008: Albert joins roblox
    2009: he gets mad because his R o b l o x g f b r e a k s u p
    2013: skateboard master
    2017: Albert gets channel
    2019: Albert gets second channel
    2021: normal disturbing videos
    Now my predictions 2022-2100
    2022: just like 2021
    2023: like 2022
    2024: flamingo channel gone
    2028: Albert makes flamingo 2
    2030: animated videos and normal videos
    2030-2038: flamingo reaches 50 million
    2040: theirs now flamingo 3
    2050-2070: flamingo dies
    2090: flamingo dead
    2100: flamingo is flamingo 4
    The end…?
    3000: F l a m I n g o d e a d

  13. That F bomb dropped harder than my grandma down the stairs

  14. ФЛИМ ФЛАМ ШОП ГО ИН!!!!!!!!

  15. Little kids when Albert swore on his old channel: that's comedy

    Kids when Albert swear a tiny bit on his new channel: That…is forbidden and you are not allowed to do that….

  16. wow, 350 dollars was 100,000 back then!? thats crazy.

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