Real rules of UNO #googleartsandculture #shorts #unocardgame -

Real rules of UNO #googleartsandculture #shorts #unocardgame

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  1. We can still play it without the rules, depends on what the players wants

  2. I’m good, i’ll play it how I wanna play it

  3. Blah blah uno is not fun any more 👎👎👎👎

  4. Correct: You can play the +4 card if you have other cards to play but you’re playing it illgeally putting you at risk of drawing four instead of the challenger

  5. That is exactly how we DON’T play Uno. But who cares? No one plays by the rules. We make our own rules. WHO cares about the Uno rules?

  6. I was taught, if you don't have a matching card that is on the pile, you can play the draw 4. You also, can not hold on to the card to the end of the game. Stacking a draw 2 is only allowed when two people are playing. Because, it is still your go, because they had to draw 2. Now, with more people, if a person has a draw 2 they can skip drawing 2 and make the person that plays after them do it. And if that person has a draw 2, and so on. It stops if a person doesn't have a draw 2, and they have to draw however many draw two's are on the pile.

  7. 0:09 Correction: You are allowed to have matching numbers and/or actions, just not the color.

  8. You can play a +4 any time you like, it's only if someone accuses you of playing it when you could've played something else does the rule activate. If they are right in the accusation, you have to draw 4, if they are wrong, they have to draw 6.

  9. I never played where you can stack a draw 2 with a draw 4, but I did play where you could counter a draw 2/4 with another draw 2/4, and the next person had to draw. There was a scenario once where I drew 16 cards. And no, I’m not still salty about it.

  10. Between two players if one play wild card can i play 4+ card?? Thn 1st Player have to take 4 card.who decide the colour later??

  11. You can play +4 even if you have cards to play, but the next player can challenge you!
    You can choose before beggining the game if you want the stacking rule: +4 can be stacked on +2 or +4; +2 can be stacked on +2, but not +4

  12. It may be the official rules. But you can still change it with your family

  13. thanks for the cards, but we'll take it from here

  14. Srsly uno does not know how to play uno

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