PROFESSOR CHAOS RULES THIS DECK! | Uno Card Game #55 Funny Moments Ft. Toonz, Vanoss, Brian -

PROFESSOR CHAOS RULES THIS DECK! | Uno Card Game #55 Funny Moments Ft. Toonz, Vanoss, Brian

Ohmwrecker / Maskedgamer
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Just when you thought UNO couldn’t get any crazier… XD




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  1. I have a 9:30 class tomorrow/today and I'm glad I stayed up to watch this video. It was hilarious.

  2. Please keep the challenge rule on. Its fun and prevents spite plus4s

  3. Vanoss has the most money out of all of them is the funny part

  4. Every time I see someone drawing 5+ cards, I remember Gassy's Train Whistle sound

  5. For anyone still confused about the challenge/no bluffing rule, here ya go:

    These rules mean that the +4’s are only to be used in last resorts. Say Ohm had a plus four and a green, and the card on top of deck was a green. If he played the +4, the challenge would not favor Ohm since he has another choice. In stacking situations, it’s a little flawed since the system believes adding onto the stack is not your only option, but otherwise I hope this helps clears the Challenge/No Bluffing Rules up!

  6. 17:23 that could not of worked out any better lol. Betraying friendships 1 game at a time lol.
    Edit: Nevermind that ending was even more perfect, thank you RNG Jesus.

  7. Everyone, please take all of the commentary in the video out of context! 😉

  8. So is he really giving Vanoss the 1k?

  9. does anyone else see the obvious racism whenever ohm wins?

  10. Ohm it's not liver failure, it's kidney failure that causes jaundice(yellow eyes).

  11. Challenge is where you have to put down the +4 like if it’s yellow and u have it but u put a +4 the player challenges and wins the challenge

  12. actually if memory serves the challenge is if you challenge. they reveal their hand. if that +4 wasnt the only thing they could play. then they draw. unless there are multiple different challenge things. been awhile since i last looked at this game

  13. I knew Evan had a 7 as his last card and when ohm placed the 7 down and gave his hand to Evan. Evan gave his hand to ohm and it was a 7 😂😂 I called it I was laughing so hard

  14. Good video, it makes it more exciting when there are so many rules that you guys forget what they are and are surprised when they are employed.

  15. Damn! Ohm win two game this match! What a champion

  16. "Short but sweet video"
    Video: is 39 minutes long

  17. 25:42 "Now im a 1000 dollar richer" says the man who got at least 100 mil views per month haha

  18. In this episode Terroriser predicts the future multiple times

  19. I wish I could make a quick thousand dollars that easy!

  20. Why don't you just build up your deck until you got 7 then gave them all your cards

  21. They're doing "Seven-Oh crap not this it's gonna take hours" rules again? This is going to be fun.

  22. What's up SUPER LATE SQUAD! 😀 So I was recording ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT, no joke like 12 hours, but I finally got some time to edit a video for you guys. This was a super fun session of UNO, trust me it's about as chaotic as you can get, and there are some big surprises haha. WIth that said, it's super late for me, I'm off to bed but let me know what you think of the video, I didn't want to leave you hanging so hopefully it was worth it! 🙂

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