PRANKING My Friends with XRAY MOD in UNO -

PRANKING My Friends with XRAY MOD in UNO

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We play UNO with XRAY!

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  1. I hurt my wrist I have a wrap on it but I am 😥

  2. wait go to the desription the is called Fortnite wait what???

  3. Ssundee: Im saving it for a rainy day
    Everyone else: It doesnt rain in uno and uno flip

  4. hey Bifflewiffle bot but who remembers bifflewiffle bat

  5. I love how he mixed there faces as well with youtuber names😂😂😂

  6. Ssundee: “before you smash your face into the dislike button…”

    Me: “ well that will hurt!”

  7. You spelled X-Ray rong hahahaha 🤣

  8. U prob wont understand this “meme thing” but he got 69 xp as a match bonus

  9. I was just playing uno
    Edit: not uno flip sadly but uno is a good game flip or not

  10. that's not a mod that's just a basic mechanic of uno flip

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