Playing The RAREST CARD In UNO! -


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Who will be the winner of Uno today?



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  1. In the end josh should have used a skip instead….

  2. At the end he could have put down the skip card even tho it’s in different color

  3. Jelly:Oh yes a 3 card deck all blues
    Jelly 1 sec later:Picks up
    Me:Are u sure it's blue man

  4. In the start he gave me a+ 4 and then I went to my uno set and got 4 cards lol

  5. We like so we got +1M so go to you suckerrr

  6. Josh u had 2 blocks which could of prevented Jelly from winning

  7. when jelly won and you put down a green 6 on a green block, your had a yellow block

  8. SKIP JELLY OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. The comment section was soo good, nowadays all slogo videos just have spammers and bots ahh

  10. josh : this is unreal
    me : its literally real u saw it happen

  11. OMG you could've skipped jelly not play a 6

  12. Why did slogo sead to me sucker 🥺😢😢😭😭 why why why i love slogo

  13. why would the wrong pronunciation of pudding trigger crainer i've been wondering about that for a long time

  14. When josh showed me the 4+ card i was like : uno reverse card

  15. You fg the block card
    Thew playd a block card are you dumb

  16. Little do you know i had another +4 means plus 8 for you

  17. I love your vids there better I Han jelly’s and Crainers because you are smarter ❤️❤️😎😎👍👍🤛🤛

  18. Jelly:i got the craziest cards ever!
    Josh: aha tell me more about that
    Josh: puts + 2 card
    Jelly: puts + 2 card aswel
    Al Pudding: puts + 2 card aswel
    Crainer: no + 2 card + 6 Crainer

  19. Josh:puts down green 6
    Me:Why didnt you put down a block

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