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P-Town Media Exclusive – Black Uno Card Game

P-Town Media
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UNO with a Black Spin on It. Uno with African American Trivia #mackum

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*we are not paid sponsors just fans of dope stuff and we support the culture.

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  1. Yoooooooo Ours Just Came – Its On Now. A little smaller that normal size uno cards but for the culture we are in.

  2. I ordered my game April 21, 2022, it is now Sept 10th and still no game but plenty of excuses. I promise I had high hopes but they stole my money.

  3. customer services suckes i have not received my product or an update on my order. i ordered and paid for back in April of 2022 DO NOT buy this product. Today is September 10th 2022 and i have not received my refund or any product they should Ban this app for false advertisement. Report to the BBB fro. everyone that got stiffed on this product from this company

  4. I order mine on 12/06 and they haven’t came yet..

  5. Yo my wife bought me this for Xmas but came a day late. Yo I am hype to play this! #mackum

  6. Swear I'd buy these on the commercial alone 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣☠👻

  7. My order was "missent" per USPS and is still in limbo. Very disappointed. It has been weeks since the order was originally placed

  8. How do you use thee "SWITCH" card???

  9. I have another question…About how many questions are in the App, cause we've only played the game twice and we already hit some of the same questions already???

  10. I ordered some 1/27/20 as of today 2/27/21 still no cards!! Trying to give them a chance and support

  11. The commercial definitely sold me. Bought mine around Christmas as a fun game for New Year’s and game nights. Only thing I’d say is the trivia is more catered for at least 25+. Tried playing it with teens/early 20s in the mix and they were lost on a lot of the trivia questions, so maybe add some newer Black Culture questions too. Fun as expected though.

  12. This game sucks and the concept is driven by the liberals and media’s agenda

  13. "These are called black power cards" yikes 😬

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