Opening The World's Smallest UNO Card Game -

Opening The World’s Smallest UNO Card Game

Markis Pea Welby
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It’s hard to hold a hand of these without dropping them.


  1. Bro in philippines the smallest uno is like 0.5cm

  2. Mark is do it right like opening the plastic okay

  3. I have world’s smallest uno card game and dos 😊❤❤❤

  4. there is also a small uno game that is from burger king

  5. next time try the world smallest rubiks cube please

  6. I have these, I love em but they’re such a pain to shuffle.

  7. Luís Otávio Moura Mendonça é Catarina says:

    Jair Bolsonaro

  8. Luís Otávio Moura Mendonça é Catarina says:

    Jair Messias Bolsonaro


  10. Bajrang dal 🚩🚩 ( jai shree ram) says:

    Please give me buy link

  11. I just played Mini Uno yesterday at Sizzlers with my wife and kids while we waited for our food. Works just fine.

  12. This is not meant to be mean, but a helpful suggestion. Your nails should be manicured and moisturized if you are going to do an unboxing w/the camera zoomed in on your hands. If you do not feel comfortable getting a manicure due to COVID or you feel a manicure isn't manly…properly moisturize your hands and cuticles. Nothing should be white or ashy on your hands.

  13. Does he not own a pair of scissors lol 😆

  14. Definitely didnt look this up just to figure out how to put the deck back

  15. these are a good size to play with your friends in class

  16. this is the giant uno game for barbies 😂
    but aren't there supposed to be 2 of the no. cards?? I see only 1 😑😅

  17. Can you buy Monopoly Gamer Sonic The Hedgehog Edition?

  18. I am so glad you made this video I can’t find out how to put them back in

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