MEGA Board Game MASH-UP! Uno + Operation - Ten Minute Power Hour -

MEGA Board Game MASH-UP! Uno + Operation – Ten Minute Power Hour

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Dir/shot by Tucker ►

Edited by Ryan Magee/Tucker ►


Game Grumps are:
Arin ►
Danny ►

Music from Stevia Sphere ►

Mystery Sax Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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  1. Fun fact! if Arin actually invested 10,000 into Tesla at the time of this episode, he would have about 146,000 now, assuming he held every share until this point

  2. Dan’s ability to do math in his head in a flash will never fail to amaze me

  3. I could honestly watch game grumps episodes over and over and never get old of it LOVE IT TWO YEARS LATERRRR

  4. This is the cleanest I've ever seen the table

  5. Ever since Trauma Center I've missed watching Arin and Dan performing surgery

  6. Aric: "Act like a dog!"
    Dan: "………woof"

  7. Here is the beautiful Solar flame lightsI like so much: amazon shops sogrand

  8. I love Dino shirt dude 👌👌👌👌🦴

  9. Really? The episode Dan acts like a dog has no furry comments?

  10. IF Arin really did invest 10K into Tesla around that time and kept it till today he would have around 108K SHEEEEESH

  11. Arin is like that fun boss, but also the boss you never know is in a good mood or not

  12. There's not enough love for Arins description of how operation works. It has me howling. Something about the editing and the energy and the seemingly lack of connection to a ghost. It's pure art.

  13. arin: act like a dog
    dan, the furry: gladly

  14. Was no one gonna tell me dare uno existed in the first place or

  15. "I invested like 10,000 into Tesla"

    Devastated stare

  16. Lmao the way arin spells his name at the beginning like its a baby show

  17. Fun fact: if arin actually invested $10,000 dollars in Tesla at around the time this video was uploaded and sold his shares at the peak of Tesla’s stock on Jan 8, 2021. Arin would have made $130,938.50.

  18. Rewatching this now, it always makes me laugh 😂

  19. I appreciate the Blues Brothers audio in the opening

  20. i did the math and arin needed to say anything above 110

  21. Arin "act like a dog" Dan in tiny "woof" lol

  22. When did operation become so complicated now there’s rule cards

  23. Watching the ending where they count the points and seeing Arin add a last minute condition to scoring then increasing the amount just to try to cheat and guarantee himself the win my first thought was holy crap Arin is a child lmao and he still lost after adding two changes lol

  24. Arin's little sibling energy really comes in full force during board games

  25. You don’t have to draw until you get a card, you just draw one card and move on lol

  26. You guys need to play legit Pokémon with shots for strange sodas for every knocked out Pokémon.

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