Max Fosh Uno Reverse - Sidemen Vs YTAllstars - Greatest Football Moment of Alltime -

Max Fosh Uno Reverse – Sidemen Vs YTAllstars – Greatest Football Moment of Alltime

Super Jump Bros
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yep unbelievable

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  1. I love how the referee backs away like okay well played sir!😂

  2. +77 mins and im sure every second was worth

  3. Thats the defintion of : V I C E V E R S A

  4. Uno reverse meme thing is kinda weird. It deflects the effect back to the user.
    But in reality, the card just reverse the rotation of the player cycle, NOT deflecting the effect of something.

    Like if your friend give you +2/+4 then if you use the reverse card, and they get to draw instead. THEN the meme would make sense.

    But the card doesn't work that way, it literally just change the rotations of the players.
    This meme just makes no sense to me.

  5. Imagine next time, Max just straight up uses the +4 card and passes it onto the guy next to him.

  6. The ultimate life form has been discovered

  7. biggest “nuh-uh” of the century 💀

  8. I love how the ref smiles at the joke, but quickly hides it.

  9. Wow commentators actually says it applies

  10. Referees are gonna have to start carrying extra uno reverse cards on them. 😂

  11. I thought the Uno Reverse Card is against the rules when you recieve a yellow card. That rule should be changed because that's unsportsmanlike conduct on refusing a yellow card.

  12. referee changes the color to yellow, a green reverse card cant be played

  13. unfortunately, it didn't work as ref used yellow card. Max would need a yellow reverse.

  14. The reason why he still got the yellow card is cause you can’t play a green on a yellow

  15. Wait, did the uno reverse card actually apply? Cause if so then I'd be damned xD

  16. Well wouldn’t only the yellow reverse card work for yellow cards ?

  17. bro was waiting for this moment his entire life.

  18. Is it bad I’m watching this with a uno reverse card RN?

  19. The fact they allowed it made me roll on my bed and floor.

  20. I know it's funny but it doesn't count because the card he drew was green and not yellow

  21. Unfortunately that reverse card cannot be activated. the yellow card is a "yellow", so you can't use "green" reverse. It should be "yellow" reverse. UNO!


  23. I love how the commentators plays along with it, commenting as if its just a rare yet valid play

  24. The best part is the referee trying hard to keep a straight face

  25. Bro went out of his way to get a yellow card, accidentally scored, then pulled an uno reverse. I couldn't make this shit up if I tried.

  26. I LOVE HOW THE REF JUST SAID “WOW, he knows the laws!”😂😂😂😂😂😂❤❤❤❤❤❤

  27. the refs even said "not the right color"

  28. Bro waited for this moment. And did this. He actually did all this to get a yellow card and pull out the uno reverse. Such an icon.

  29. The thing that he said it's in the rule book

  30. I love how the announcers are just immediately on his side like "damn he's got a point"

  31. The ref looks like Clatters! Is it him? 😂😂😂

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