Making an UNO card game in Python - Part 2 -

Making an UNO card game in Python – Part 2

Scott Blenkhorne
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In this video, I continue creating an UNO card game in Python. Follow with me as I troubleshoot deciding what functions I need to allow the user to draw a card, verify that they are able to play a card based on what is on the discard pile, and setup the main while loop of the game.

In the next video I’ll be adding in the functionality that applies the effect of Draw cards, Wild cards, Skip cards, and Reverse cards.

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  1. Hi. Your code is all over the place and within one script. I'm going to have a lot of fun practicing code refactoring. I am still learning so it will be a project. Thank you for making this game.

  2. Thanks a lot Scott! I've learned Python with the same way. My mentor created game real-time and I watched how he's thinking. You're doing good stuff! Like!

  3. 38:58 when i press play and i put 2 players, it said list index out of range. What does that mean? please help

  4. I've spent an additional hour and half rebuilding my game from scratch a second time, but both versions of my game have the same serious bug in it: it doesn't allow player to change color of pile by value, thinks it's an invalid play. Did anybody else have this same bug, or any idea how to correct it?

  5. Hello Mr Blenkhorn, i am thanking you so much about that your video series about making an uno card game. You helped me a lot about my cse 101 homework. And your way of telling is really good. It helps me understand the logic of coding.

  6. Thank you so much for the video, I was trying to make a game of a local card game we have in Morocco and your videos helped me with the cards with special effects, great series all around, thank you very much.

  7. I really have to say, this is actually one of the best tutorials I've watched.
    It really shows one the way of thinking and tackling a problem.
    Usually I don't comment on videos but this had to be said!

    Thanks Scott! You're helping a lot!

  8. I have seen this 3 times , still very complex but I have the feeling that every run I'm getting closer to understanding a little bit extra.

  9. What if a wild card is on the top of the discard pile?

  10. This is a great series! Btw, I just noticed both links in description are the same 😛

  11. Thank you for the video, learned alot of helpful stuff in this one, keep up the good work

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