Jojo's Bizarre Uno Game (JJBA in real life) -

Jojo’s Bizarre Uno Game (JJBA in real life)

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Three buff men (or should I say two…) having an intense Uno game in a random Swiss apartment, what can go wrong?
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  1. This is so well done that it may might as well be real

  2. Can we all just appreciate how this edit is so clean and well made like yooo just look at it! This is freakin' masterpiece✨

  3. Looks like Jotaro is going to need to polish up his Uno skills against Daniel J. D'Arby.

  4. PLOT TWIST: dio used uno cards to kill joseph

  5. Araki missed the opportunity to put a uno match in a d'arby brother fight.

  6. You do know that, that their stand was the one that's fast not them lol.

  7. He should of had a swap cards and ezz win for jotaro

  8. thats actually really well made.
    Great job 🙂

  9. In uno you can't finish with a special card like plus 4, so the game was continue in normal circonstanses

  10. When I play uno against my friends and I have more cards, I still win

  11. crftydigvftujhbyigDKvhSLDvgsdpgnagnazl;fgnldfgnmlkdfgjhnldfzanhglmzdafgm;kzajgp;zas

  12. Eu não quero brincar desse jogo não kkkkkk

  13. Lo nesesito en español por favor AAAAAAA

  14. I would like this scene in the series 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  15. Jajajajajajaja el Dio tomandose el selfie xD
    Ah por cierto Jotaro es un mal perdedor xD
    Está tan bien editado que imaginé que era un OVA o un comercial de Hasbro

  16. When your friends trying to play uno but he cheating be like:ZAWARUDO MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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