Is This Another Uno? - Muffin Time - Let's Roll -

Is This Another Uno? – Muffin Time – Let’s Roll

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We check out Muffin Time, the 20-minute card game that just refuses to end.
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  1. Michaels and Jack's laugh. I am so glad they are so happy. It makes me so happy to just hear those laughs.

  2. Gavin would LOVE the Parked Car one. He'd be the only one immune.

  3. Please play this again and with Gav boy

  4. They should play this game with the cards face up but everyone has to wear eye trackers

  5. I've played this game in person before. This is exactly how it is in real life. Even 2 "I'm Crazy" cards got dropped just like in the video.

  6. ive only played this game twice but i once made a combo where i had the named this way trap set(if another player says your first name they discard 3 cards) and played an action where my opponent has to guess my full name or i steal 3 cards

  7. Apparently there are a ton of references that I just don't get. Still a fun game.

  8. I wonder if anyone else noticed that Matt actually won the second game seeing as his turn started with 10 cards.

  9. Anyone come back to this video from the in-person one that came out because you liked this vibe more?

  10. Why wouldn’t Alfredo just take enough cards to be at exactly 10?

  11. How can they play Muffin Time online?? I've looked and didn't see anything for it.

  12. I would love to see this played again with: Michael, Gavin, Lindsay, Ky, Fiona, Alfredo, Jack, Geoff, Trevor & Barbara. Let the chaos begin… 😉😁

  13. I always forget just how funny and insane this video was. It has all the same energy as the batman love letter video, with a little Uno: the Movie flair thrown in.

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