Is DOS Better Than UNO The Card Game? | Review & How To Play -

Is DOS Better Than UNO The Card Game? | Review & How To Play

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UNO is a card game that has lived on peoples shelves for generations and generations. The nostalgia attached to countless games played around the dinner table with family and friends is unmatched by any other game. The simple number and colour matching game where players can disrupt other players’ plans by throwing in a DRAW 2, WILD DRAW 4 or SKIP or even a REVERSE.

UNO now has an official sequel after all of these years.


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DOS is a family card game that draws its inspiration from the classic gameplay in UNO. Players are essentially playing cards from their hand attempting to match them to numbered cards that are placed up in an area called the CENTRE ROW. IN DOS there are now at least TWO Face up cards in the centre and players can play cards onto these piles to remove them if they have a MATCHING NUMBER or they have cards that have a TOTAL SUM of the MATCHING number in the centre.

Players also score bonuses for not only matching the NUMBER but also MATCHING the COLOUR. Performing a single number and colour match yields players a bonus where they can play an extra card from their hand at the end of their turn. A DOUBLE COLOUR & NUMBER MATCH bonus allows players to place a card in the central area at the end of their turn as well as forcing the other players to draw a card.

When players dwindle down to only a few cards in their hand, just like in UNO fashion, if a player only has two cards left they must yell DOS or suffer a penalty.

The player who gets rid of all of their cards first earns points equal to the face up numerical cards and bonus # and Wild 2 cards left in their opponents hands. The player tor each 200 points first is declared the winner.

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  1. I heard Valve was to make their take on this game with Tres. However, it was cancelled.

  2. 1 like = 1 Friend to play with that he won't have to play with himself

  3. I really dont like DOS l bought it and me and my friends didnt enjoy it as much as UNO in fact not even close. After the first 2 games we played UNO for 4 hours.

  4. Dos is nowhere near as good as UNO. I just bought Uno Flip and its so awesome with new action cards. I just did an u boxing vid too in my channel. Hope u make a review of Uno Flip Soon

  5. The beginning made it look like you were playing yugioh

  6. I like DOS more than UNO but no one else I know does

  7. If you get 2 color bonuses, do you just supply the center row from your hand or add 2 cards from the draw deck and 2 from your hand?

  8. Fuck im so dumb i cant understand anything ill just stick with uno

  9. I use dos as an expansion to uno. Yes sure two of them have different rule, but ot lot more fun if you combine both rule

  10. Its really hard to listen in English if you speak in other language but I can speak English. Weird

  11. UNO:Dos Is My Bro/BF Amigo
    DOS:Y-Yeah Amiga

  12. Is it allowed for 4 or more cards to be in the center row?

  13. At the start of the video, you can't add up the draw card once you have draw it, neither the card drawed from the deck.

  14. I didn't get it about the point rules.. The winner of 200pt is player who didn't clear his card?

  15. Me:Where is my skip and reverse
    Other people:this is dos not uno
    Me:this confusing (still wins anyways)

  16. Does it mean unlike Uno, the one who gets no cards left wins. Dos, you must stay in the game until you earn 200 points??

  17. Worst card game ever who tf came up with this shit

  18. DOS SHOULD'VE HAD THE SAME CARD ACTIONS THAT UNO HAD! ESPECIALLY THE GODDAMN REVERSE! The Reverse card is famous for the meme that recently was produced!

    I knew that was why UNO is still better

  19. Uno is better because theres alot you can do

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  21. I kinda prefer Dos to Uno. There I said it. Uno just takes FOREVERRRRRRRRRR to play. It gets old and boring once we get past 40 fucking minutes lmao. Uno felt like you’re climbing a mountain, and every 5 Seconds someone comes along and pushes you off a Cliff. Dos feels more like a jog up a slight slope and there’s an occasional bump in the road. It’s an immensely more casual and friendly experience. I think it could really benefit from a second version to fix some of its issues though

  22. So it's like uno but wither extra steps

  23. Uno and uno flip are much easier to understand than dos

  24. Why are you saying "play shuffle the deck"? You should say it without the word "play"!

  25. If you flip the name "Dos" and then add an A, you'll get "soda"

  26. So i was playing Uno

    I pulled a credit card
    And beat the kid that pulled a dos card

  27. The amount of times he says “dos” like DAahs instead of “dohs” is triggering me

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