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If UNO Was an Anime

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Yuno/The Protagonist – Majinboo0111 ()
Pompadour Guy – Brendan “JelloApocalypse” Blaber
Female Best Friend, Yanagi – Kiane “Chula” King ()
Glasses Character, Worrywart – ProZD ()
Ponytail Rival Guy – Jonah Scott ()
Over-The-Top Bad Guy – Tom Laflin ()


Yu-Gi-Oh English Dub OST – Ultimate Dueling
Yu-Gi-Oh English Dub OST – Pegasus’s Theme

This is the most Tom Laflin role ever and I’m so proud of him.


  1. Bro i always act like þis while playin uno anyway lol

  2. I love how his name is even technically a Yu-Gi-Oh reference.
    They all have part of it in their name: yugi, Yuma, yuya, and yusei. And the UNO protagonist, Yuno.

  3. I’m just surprised they fit all that CONTENT into less than 2 minutes… Must be an abdridged version…

  4. I knew ProZD's smart voice from a mile away!

  5. This is important to the plot.
    Uno has a twin bother named Dos and there's another Uno from another dimension called Uno Flip. So there's 2 more spinoff shows after this

  6. I still can't believe they named the main character Yuno

  7. I like how every anime has a side character with glasses and that is smart

  8. Guys…in the next episode, the guy will realize he can't play the skip card because it's red, not yellow

  9. Me: *gently places hand on Jello boys shoulder
    Me: how does Yuno get out of this one
    Jello boy: i-i don't have the power to-
    Me:*tightens grip* tell us how Yuno gets out of this one

    Nah but seriously this is cool I wish it was an anime

  10. I thought it will end with someone from the secondary characters randomly saying, but oh well

  11. But…the color is yellow, and tgat's a red-skip

  12. I love how there's a "smart guy that knows every card" when there's less then 10 unique cards in the entire game XD

  13. Next episode he remembers he can say uno before the other person does making him draw 2 (That’s just a Theory)

  14. Now i wanna hear every japanese characters saying "Ribasukado" (Reverse card)

  15. "To Be Continued!" anime gets cancelled but also, once villain dude puts down his +4, one of the other characters come in clutch and scream "UNO!!" before villain guy does, forcing bad dude to draw 4 for himself.

  16. This is the type of anime that I want in life

  17. "Is that Prozd? :o"
    looks at description
    "Yas, I knew it! >:)"

  18. Am I the only one who would watch this if it was a thing?

  19. Who would low-key love to see that as an anime lmfao

  20. GASP the wild draw four card?!
    That card is nothing but pure evil!

  21. Guys I just realized that this isn't a 1v1, its a 1v1v1v1 i think.

  22. Is the twist clutch ending when Yuno stacks his wild draw four on evil guy's?

  23. It’s so intense but UNO is not that intense in real life🤣😂

  24. I love how the main character of the UNO anime is named Yuno.

  25. I am finally rewatching this after seeing the first season of Yu-Gi-Oh, and suddenly the music got to me

  26. From the series of good anime that don't get a second season

  27. me and my friends playing uno at 3am be like:

  28. In the next turn Yanagi plays a reverse card, allowing Yuno to take a turn again and use the wild draw 4 that he drew when the draw 4 was used on him.

  29. Ok but his name is yuno
    That’s fucking amazing

  30. This is literally me and my friends when we play.

  31. I just now picked up on the fact that the kid is named y'UNO'…!

  32. So just so you all know the "To Be Continued" doesn't imply there will be a Part 2. It's just a nod to the 4kid's YuGiOh "To Be Continued!" That would appear at the end of episodes. I'm not the illustrator and have no power to make a sequel. Sorry!

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