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  1. When a draw 4 is played and you challenge you are challenging that they have no cards of the color you are changing from. So blue then draw 4 to red means you are challenging that they have no blues that play. If they have blue they draw 4, if they don't then you draw 6.

  2. that was funny that crainer did not play for 2 time.

  3. Teacher: tell me a sentence that starts with 'I'
    Me: I is..
    Teacher: no. Always start with I am.
    Me: I am the ninth letter of the alphabet
    Teacher: : 0
    Me: 😈

  4. To know how the challenge works READ THE RULES!!!!

  5. Did anyone notice that he said we will be playing as jelly and crainer

  6. I'm crying right now I can't watch the video becuse of the network its so bad why why why why why why why

  7. Jelly:picking yellow
    Crainer:having a green
    Luna:picking green
    Josh:jelly we lost because of you

  8. Imagine the plus 4 as a last resort if they don’t use it for a last resort as in they could of done a different move besides pickup then you challenge and if they didn’t use it as a last resort then they get 4 card if you were wrong you get 6 cards

  9. U literally lied about the name of the video 😡

  10. If the color is yellow and you change it with a draw 4 but you had a yellow and they challenge, you lose.

  11. Josh when your playing uno with crainer and jelly when jelly says green as the best card in the world and say is that how you got into America

  12. The Challenge thing is your challenging to see if they had to play that card
    If for example the card pile is green and the person has green but he still put down a +4, you can challenge that person, if you are right they get the +4 back and the player has to pick up 4 cards but if you are wrong and the person had to put down the +4 because they did not have the color and then the challenger gets 6 cards
    Idk if that made sense

  13. Bruhhhhh it said i still win with this many card and he loseeeeeeee whattttttttt

  14. Say there's a blue card and then a Draw +4 card gets laid and the color changes to green. If you @Slogo have at least one blue card, @Crainer can challenge and would be successful. He would challenge to see if you had a blue card.

  15. “If you suspect that a player has played a Wild Draw 4 card illegally, you may challenge them. A challenged player must show his/her hand to the player who challenged. If the challenged player is guilty, he/she must draw the 4 cards, plus 2 additional cards.

  16. I think a gpod strat is to keep picking up until u have a seven of each color and when someone has uno just take the cards from them

  17. I love it that Josh said "he won" (But he didn't lol good job tho.)

  18. Today im gonna be playing AS jelly and crainer. Did you notice the AS

  19. The challenge is where if they dont have the color thet pick up 4

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