How to Win UNO -

How to Win UNO

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Learn the tips, tricks, and strategies to win your next game of Uno! Learn more with this guide from wikiHow:

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  1. But if others skip you before you can play +2 or +4 on others then they will win more points

  2. I won my first Uno game because of this video

  3. Hmmm yes, the floor here is made out of floor.

  4. POV: the uno card show was the fake uno card

  5. every 60 seconds in Africa a minute passes

  6. In order to win at a video game try to lower your opponents health to zero while keeping yours above zero

  7. In my opinion, the best way to win is to murder the other player, this way the player can no longer place down anymore cards due to the murder card permanently stopping the enemy, this card is honestly too op, and should be nerfed.

  8. Somehow i only get 3 2 7 and numbers and my Sister is getting +4 +2 skip reverse and everything

  9. Can you please make a video of how to use the reverse card

  10. This is my way to win uno when you get the cards keep the special cards and get rid of the number cards so you can pull out the special cards and boom you win sometimes it doesn’t work but sometimes it does

  11. use revers now skip skip revers u have plus four drop say blue skip revers uno now u have one more revers I mean two more revers and let ur fiend say uno drop black say green drop green card boom u win vip

  12. If im the uno the last card of mine is changing colors😂

  13. UNO is the stupidest game ever invented. When a group is playing & the same person wins every time, that person is cheating. It’s not a strategic game. There’s no thought to it.

  14. Uno is a good game, this video is not.

  15. Here's how I do it
    I keep my color change cards and use them at the very end
    Like colour change and red
    Sometimes makes me win Sometimes not

  16. Reverse skip skip reverse reverse and draw four

  17. this technique is useless

    my friend always win!! 🚩🚩🚩

  18. My phone is gonna cry in the morning and night

  19. Thanks for the tutorial my sister beats me in uno everytime so i searched up of how to win uno

  20. Wow i didn't know the floor was made out of floor

  21. Just lost 1000$ in uno and used these tactics chears mate

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