How to play Uno -

How to play Uno

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Learn the rules to the card game Uno quickly and concisely – This visually rich video has no distractions, just the rules. Vea este vídeo en español aquí:

Don’t own the game? Buy it here: (This Amazon Affiliate link directly supports me) RULES: Deal 7 cards to each player. The object of the game is to be the first player to 500 points. The object of each round is to be the first person to play all the cards in your hand.

After dealing, the dealer flips over the top card of the deck. Beginning clockwise from the dealer, players play 1 card each turn. A legal play is a card that either matches color, number, word or symbol (based on what version of the game you have), or it is a wild.

After shuffling, if the first card flipped over by the dealer is a draw 4 wild, the card is placed back in the deck and another card is drawn. If it is a wild card, the player left of the dealer picks a color and plays. If it is a draw 2 card, the player left of the dealer draws 2 cards and skips their turn. If it is a reverse card, the dealer goes first.

Some of the special cards are as follows:
Skip: the next player forfeits their turn.
Reverse: changes direction of play.
Draw 2: the next player draws 2 cards and forfeits their turn.
Wild: may be played on anything and allows you to pick a color that the next card played must follow.
Draw 4 Wild: does the same as a wild but in addition the next player must draw 4 cards and forfeit his turn. However a Draw 4 Wild may only be played when you don’t have a card in your hand matching the color being played. Wild cards represent no color until they are played.

If you believe the player before you played his draw 4 illegally, the player drawing the 4 cards, an only that player, may challenge him. The player reveals his hand and if the draw 4 was a legal play then the challenger draws 2 additional penalty cards. If the player played illegally, then the draw 4 wild is returned to their hand, they play the correct card, and they draw 4 penalty cards.

If you can’t play you draw 1 card, if that card can be played, you may play it immediately otherwise your turn is forfeited. You may also choose not to play on your turn but instead draw a card, if that card can be played you may immediately play that card (and only that card) or end your turn.

When you get down to 1 card in your hand you must call “UNO”, meaning 1. If you don’t call “UNO” by the time your second to last card touches the discard pile any other player may catch you on this. If they do before the next player draws, you draw 2 cards.

If the round hasn’t ended and the draw deck runs out of cards, shuffle the discard pile and it becomes the new draw deck.

When a player plays the last card in their hand the round ends. If that card is a draw card you still fulfill the drawing. Points are then scored. The player who goes out receives points for every unplayed card in other player’s hands.

All cards 0-9 are worth face value
Draw 2, reverse, and skips are worth 20 points
Wilds and draw 4 wilds are worth 50 points

If a player makes a suggestion to any other player on what card to play, he must immediately draw 4 penalty cards

If a player doesn’t have 500 or more points, reshuffle and deal and play again. The winner of each round becomes next round’s dealer. The first player to or exceeding 500 points, wins.


  1. Cool now I know how to play.- pls it is a vary fun game!😉

  2. Alternative title: How to ruin any friendship in 1 step

  3. When i have one card remaining….5 minutes later….

  4. Fk that noise house rules
    my house 1- draw 2 can be staked to the next player so following player draws 4 if that player has draw 2 stack it to the next play draw 6 and so on.
    2- you can stack multipliable cards with the same number example 4 cards with #3 you can put it down all at once
    3- stack skip cards if you have 2 skip cards skipped 2 players
    4- if you don't have the a matching card to put down you must pick up till you do
    5- the winner is first one out

  5. One question about scoring: Do you need to play everytime new round until someone gets 500+ points or you write points on a piece of paper with every round finished until them give total of 500+ points?



  7. Thank you! You explained it way better than the written instructions.

  8. We make it more fun by playing the draw 2 by throwing another draw 2 if u have one then that would be 4 cards to the 3rd player unless the player has another draw 2 then that would make the 4th player to draw 6.. hope I didn't confused anybody lol

  9. It takes a long time To clean it my mum is so bossy every time my dad go to work my moms super duper bossy

  10. yawg said babies can play and idk how to play so i am disliking

  11. i thought u say block and the person that had 1 card draws the numb of card on the card they have: example

    u hv a 7 card and dont say uno someone says block and u pick up seven cards

  12. Just realised that i knew how to play uno when i first got uno cards and i didnt know what to do

  13. "If a player makes a suggestion to any other player on what card to play, he must immediately draw 4 penalty cards"

    What? This is not anywhere in Mattel's official rules

  14. Everybody gangster untill the quiet kid comes out with the dos +100 card

  15. 500 points? where are the points coming from- nvm not how i play it

  16. Points? What points? He's over-stating Uno rules. Its been decades since I've played, but I never heard about half of what he's talking about. In the 70's, weed & coke was also part of most Uno games, at least in our circle.

  17. i learned many other "house rules" of their own on how to play Uno Cards, but if these are the very standard rules on how to play Uno, then we must not forget it for basic learning though.



  20. What happens if a reverse card is played in a 2 player game?

  21. It's crazy 8s just a little bit more expensive

  22. Ryan Dunn taught Bam Margera to play one time Bam was crying nonstop

  23. This is a nicw guide for those who play online uno ❤️

  24. Many things are off like all you need is the same color or number to be legal, wilds and draw 2-4 can be played at any time if the right color and finally there is no point system it’s just first to 1 card

  25. I know how to play uno back then and now I forgot :/

  26. Lot of fun in this game Uno. you explain this video Jim okay.

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