How to Play Uno with an Ordinary Deck of Cards - Simple, Easy & Fun - Step by Step Tutorial -

How to Play Uno with an Ordinary Deck of Cards – Simple, Easy & Fun – Step by Step Tutorial

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Uno is very similar to a card game called Switch, which is played with a regular deck of cards. Watch my video for all the details. If you have more than a three players, then you can use two decks of cards.


  1. 0:21 1:38Time stamps for anyone who is playing but doesnt wana remember and memories all this, just tap the 21 for colour and 1 30 for special cards

  2. my variation: joker = switch, 2 = draw two, king = wild, queen = reverse

  3. You are using the Uno Attack cards

  4. this video helped but my mother didnt beleive me whn i said you can play uno without uno cards so we went to target and just got uno cards

  5. I found this to be very helpful. The only changes I made in my variation of the game, are Queens = Skip, Jack = Reverse, 2 = Draw Two, and Ace = Wild. I also use Jokers but those are Draw 4 / Wild Cards; since there are only two in your average deck of cards, makes the game all the more competitve to get them. Thank you for the instruction and inspiration!!!

  6. So does this mean you can play poker with Uno cards?

  7. The game called Crazy Eight is also similar to UNO.

  8. I was wondering how to play poker with uno cards

  9. Legit the funniest thing i have ever seen😂😂😂

  10. Excellent! We add the Jokers, which have the same function as the Uno cards (in some versions of Uno) which mean you get to nominate the suit AND the next player has to take 4 cards.

  11. In uno theirs more than one of the same card

  12. I mer a man in Italy he was a WW2 vet and a englishmen and he swears to me invented it.
    His name was richard

  13. Kinda stupid that some numbers represent power up cards and queens and jokers are just taken out. Here's what I think:
    Ace: Skip
    Joker: Change rotation (swap for wild take 4 if there's only 2 players, or just if you want to considering flipping is only useful in specific situations)
    Queen: Take 2
    King: Wild

  14. king of uno reverses: BUY UNO, DOS AND/OR TRES or DRAW 25
    me: I MUST DRAW 25

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