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How To Play Uno Wild Jackpot Card Game

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How To Play The card game Uno Wild Jackpot.

UNO Wild Jackpot is a spin on traditional UNO that incorporates a slot machine-style device and re-writable custom rules cards.
Before the game begins, players come up with their own unique custom rules and write them on the dry erase custom rules cards. These are shuffled and inserted into the back of the slot machine.
During the game, which plays exactly like standard UNO, you can play a special Jackpot card to pull the lever on the slot machine. This spins a random result on the center wheel, such as dispensing one of the custom rules to a player at the table who must then follow that rule. #boardgame #ads #ads
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  1. For better Custom Cards, I recommend the following:Take two cards from the player with the most cards. If you’re the one with the most cards, then discard any 2 cards to the discard pile.Colour Switch: Same Functions as a Wild Card.Take one card from all your rivals. Discard all number cards. Shuffle the turn order. The new order is decided by the player who drew that card. Play then continues by the start of the new turn order.Discard all cards of one colour of your choice. Same as Discard all, yeah?Jackpot CHANCE!: Call UNO, then discard all but one card. It’s your choice! If you have one card left when this is drawn, then nothing happens.Jackpot!: Bam! You guessed it, it’s an Instant Win!

  2. My custom Cards are as Follows:
    +3: I don’t need to explain it, do I? You don’t lose your turn though.
    +2 Rivals: Everyone EXCEPT THE PLAYER who drew that card draws 2 additional cards from the draw deck. Karma!
    Mega Skip: Skip 2 Turns. Oof.
    X2 Cards: Draw cards until you have double of your original amount of cards you have. Ouch.
    Discard the Actions!: Discard all Action Cards. Players only follow the action card shown on the top of the discard pile, however. Others are simply discarded and neglected. A powerful move if played right.
    Minor Swap: Swap a card with any one of other player’s cards.
    Major Swap: Swap your entire hand with another player.
    Mega Swap: Everyone swaps their hand of cards from opposite each other if you’re playing with an even number of players, or passing it to the player on the left if you’re playing with an odd number of players.

  3. Interesting take on Uno. Thanks for the review Norm!

  4. I have my original UNO and a Star Trek ToS. They made two I have the one that looks good. It has three wild cards that do star trek themed things like mind meld form what I recall. this makes me want to bust it out.

  5. Da hek i did nawt noam dat der was a jakpot in uno
    Wait i do know how to spell

  6. 4:04 Yes, the OFFICIAL rule is to have all players take cards, but that's way too chaotic for me. I usually play that you instead choose one other player to take the card (yes, you MAY choose yourself), with the choice being made before the card is pulled. Some other good rules I write on cards are: "Any player may play a 6 on a 9 or vice versa", "any player may slip in any identical (same rank and color, EXCEPT WILD) out of turn", "draw two and draw four cards may now stack". And if more than one of these are in play, they ALL apply. For example, with the 6-9 card and the slide in card, one could play four cards at once if they are 6s and 9s of the same color. Slide in + stacking = sliding in a draw two (draw fours are wild and can NOT be slid in) would add 2 to the stack and continue with the next player after the slide in, etc.

  7. but there is no uno better than…

    m u f f i n t i m e

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