How to play UNO | UNO cards game Telugu | #UNO Game| #FamilyGames -

How to play UNO | UNO cards game Telugu | #UNO Game| #FamilyGames

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How to Play UNO:

The rules to UNO are simple once you get used to them. We’ve also included a few common house rules to spice up the game.

UNO is a fast-paced card game played similar to Crazy 8s that includes special cards that ramp up the fun. It is suggested for ages 7 and above, but younger kids can still enjoy the game. It can even be a good game to reinforce numbers and colors

The goal of UNO is to be the first person to play the very last card in your hand. The fun of UNO is the requirement to yell “UNO!” when you are down to that last card. When playing multiple games, the winner is the player with the lowest score.

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  1. Superb and nice timepass in this carona season… Ippude konukochanu UNO.. 🙂 Thnks for your video

  2. 👌👌👌👌 video with clear explanation about the game 🃏

  3. Ur explination was great we understood it really well and it's great time pass in this lockdown period.

  4. I already know about this game but I don't know some rules you explained very clearly. Thanks

  5. Explanation baagundi kaani +4 and +2 Rules wrong. And Color Or Number lekapothe Carr draw chesinnappudu vaste aa card veyochu, in ur video 7 and +2 veste next Persian daggara +2 vunte veyochu. +4 nee daggara colour or number lekapothe vesi nee daggara vunnadi cheppali but ikkada lenidi cheppali anatam wrong

  6. I have two deck of cards,
    I have to open two or one??

  7. Can you pls explain abt +4 rules ? Konchum confuse ga undi

  8. Mam,From where did you buy the cards
    ….is the quality of cards good?
    if it is from online,please send the link

  9. Your explanation was really great. Thanks for saying.

  10. I'm watching this because I'm too lazy to read the instructions ;-;

  11. Madam
    Can u list the rules for customizable card?

    And in shuffle card
    We need to the shuffle the cards of our opponent team members right?

  12. Hi medam konchem naku Rivers gurunchi ardham avva ledu konchem clear ga explain cheyyandiii plz

  13. I didn't get special card like shuffle hands card
    What I do now 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😢😢😭😭😭😢😢😭

  14. Very very thank u great explanation helpful to everyone

  15. Multicolor and plus 4 eppudaina vadoccha game lo

  16. Multicolor and plus4 tho paatu reverse,skip card vadoccha ee rendu kalipi okasaari

  17. Thank you Sister🌹

  18. In the above video, At 5:34 right side player +2blue vesinapd ..Left side player 2 cards draw cheskovatam chupincharu but tana dagara kuda +2 blue undi kada so draw cheyalsina avsram lekunda +2blue card veste saripoddi kada???

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