How to play Uno Showdown Supercharged -

How to play Uno Showdown Supercharged

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Learn the rules to the card game Uno Showdown Supercharged quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules. For a refresher of the original Uno rules, check out this video:

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The rules are the same as regular uno, except for these changes. Remove the cards from their storage slot under the game unit. Showdown cards are indicated with a number and arrows. When playing a showdown card, having the showdown icon on the card does not make it a match. Number cards can only match by their color or number.

When you play a showdown card, take cards from the top of the draw deck, and, without looking at them, place them in the showdown game unit. Be sure to clip both sides of the cards beneath the tabs. Now, put the unit between you and the next player in turn order, press the button, and you each place a hand on a paddle. When the green light flashes, each player races to press down their paddle before their opponent. The cards will flick out towards a player and that player must add these cards to their hand. If the cards land in the middle, then use the line on the side of the unit to determine who has the majority of cards on their side, then that player takes the cards.

If a player presses the paddle before the green light flashes, then the red arrow light will indicate the offender. The offender must take the cards into their hand regardless of where they landed.

If you play a wild showdown, then you get to pick 1, 2, or 3 cards for the showdown, as well as the player you would like to showdown against. You also pick the color that continues play. You are allowed to play a wild showdown on your turn, even if you have another playable card in your hand.

If the final card a player plays in a round has a showdown icon on it, then that player must have a showdown before they can win the round. If they lose, they pick up the cards and the game continues. For an extra challenge, you may choose to play that the final card anyone ever plays is always a showdown of 1 card. When scoring, showdown number cards are worth their face value and wild showdown cards are worth 40 points each. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of lizzie freeman movies and tv shows, where innovation and entertainment collide. Online extravaganza features cutting-edge technology, mind-bending performances, and interactive wonders.


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    chess players waiting for chess 2

  2. Now do the classic showdown edition please

  3. May I apply for French translations, or are they not really needed right now?
    Doing this would allow us to reach a wider audience, as some viewers only speak French and can't understand English that well or even not at all.

  4. Another uni game?.
    I hope we got uno monopoly in future

  5. Uno Showdown: Supercharged is like the normal Uno: Showdown, except that it’s cooler.

  6. Hi, can you make a video about how to play the crystal maze board game please?

  7. Hello Kitty and Friends Uno, please?

  8. What if you just want to play the standard game of Uno with the normal 108 cards without the Showdown base. Is that still possible…?

  9. So I bought the UNO 50th anniversary game. There is a card with a 50 on it. Its supposed to lead to a coin flip to draw 4 cards. But we say nah, and the next person draws 50 cards.
    We only put one 50 card in the deck so no one stacks 4 50s.

  10. Uno: How to play

    The rules are the same as for the regular game

    <end of video>

  11. So the difference between uno showdown and uno showdown supercharged is nothing?

  12. I do not understand to who do you play the showdown. To the person before or after my turn? Or you can choose with who?

  13. To those people thinking Supercharged is different than normal Showdown, it’s the same game except it plays sounds of thunder and lighting when you are having a showdown

  14. "You are allowed to play a wild showdown on your turn, even if you have another playable card in your hand." Imagine Showdown Challenge Rule h3h3

  15. What if the line on the showdown arena is somehow perfectly in the middle? Do you showdown again?
    Would having incredible bad luck force you to play infinitely?

  16. I just bought uno showdown yesterday and this helped me thx

  17. i thought some one was gonna get shocked via electricity

  18. 1. Remove the cards from their storage slot under the game unit.

  19. You might wanna stop purchasing so much uno games, I'm getting a little worried how much uno games you own.

  20. I swear uno has the weirdest alternative formats.

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