How To play UNO : Rules of UNO Game : UNO -

How To play UNO : Rules of UNO Game : UNO

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UNO card game complete guide with rules and regulations.
Timestamps OR Chapters:
0:00 How to play UNO?
0:26 What you need to play UNO?
0:45 Who goes first in UNO game?
1:18 Rules of UNO game
3:25 Scoring in UNO
3:45 How to win UNO?

Learn UNO game complete rules & instructions.
Fully animated UNO game video rule tutorial.
The goal of UNO is to be the first person to play the very last card in your hand.
Each round score points for the cards their opponents are left holding.
The fun of UNO is the requirement to yell “UNO!” when you are down to that last card.
The first player to score 500 points wins the game.

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  1. Why would the winner have the lowest score?

  2. Am having a doubt.Does a game goes long to score 500 points?

  3. Suppose the player next to me plays a blue 5, Its now my turn. Can I play a green 5? even though I have a blue card in my deck.

  4. When playing multiple games the winner in the player with the lowest score? But you add up you opponents card values when you win a game and that's your score. So why would I try to will a game and score any points if the lowest score wins after multiple games?

  5. Anythin wrong with me and my friend rule, but who care my friend rule actually more fun than official rule

  6. So that +2/+4 thing is canon based on turn setup? That's fucking stupid and negates the whole point of having a skip turn card. I thought the app was just done by random foreigners. That throws out an entire basis of strategy if I can't target a player for draws and it shouldn't constitute as a turn skip too.Same goes for saying Uno in itself. That's ableist. I bet it was designed for specific troll situations of if a player is down to one card but it doesn't match so draws, can play that, but didn't declare Uno. But the game was probably made by a white supremacist too so fuck that, we're not doing it. If you've got it you got it. We're here to think, not scream like retards.

  7. No. If any Wild is the first card in the discard, the starting player may play any card on it.

  8. Trúc Ly 500k vào ( says:

    1:23 Thân thiện với môi trường, từ trường với môi anh.

  9. What do you do if you got the card that had nothing

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