How To play UNO : Rules of UNO Game : UNO -

How To play UNO : Rules of UNO Game : UNO

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UNO card game complete guide with rules and regulations.
Timestamps OR Chapters:
0:00 How to play UNO?
0:26 What you need to play UNO?
0:45 Who goes first in UNO game?
1:18 Rules of UNO game
3:25 Scoring in UNO
3:45 How to win UNO?

Learn UNO game complete rules & instructions.
Fully animated UNO game video rule tutorial.
The goal of UNO is to be the first person to play the very last card in your hand.
Each round score points for the cards their opponents are left holding.
The fun of UNO is the requirement to yell “UNO!” when you are down to that last card.
The first player to score 500 points wins the game.

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  1. Find a group of people who agree to better rules than these and stick to those friends 😂 this Uno is trash

  2. These are American rules. UK Dorset rules are that it doesn’t matter when you say Uno, as long as you say it before laying the last card. Also if someone says pick up 4, you pick up4 and can’t lay another pick up card .

  3. I've never played uno with points. My friends and I do something called "Long Stacking". Lets say you have two 5s, or 3 +2. You can place them all at once. But, lets say you have a blue 5 and a blue 3, you cannot stack those, since it is not the same letter/symbol. It's fun

  4. Huh..😟..I don't get it sounds difficult for 😬

  5. If You don't say UNO you must draw 2 cards, not 4. That's the official rule

  6. SCREW THESE POINTS!! We don't need that! It's frustrating as heck! We just need a more understandable rules that doesn't need to be too ridiculous. The basic rules are already stressful (like seriously, cause some people changes the rules as they want in order to make some newbies confused), especially 4+ wild cards, wild cards and 2+

  7. I played uno from copying this and I came the first one 🤗

  8. How many cards will you pick from the the draw pile? if someone catches your last card? Thanks

  9. They need to redevelop the official rules of UNO because some of these are ridiculous and really disrupts the flow of the game because now you have to discuss UNO Politics. And when that happens someone is going to end up pissed off and it screws up the game.

  10. Q: if someone puts a +4 card down can the next person place that same card down without having to drawing for cards? Then the next person draws 4 cards?

  11. That's wrong! If another player says UNO before you, you have to draw two more cards, not four.

  12. Its uno or uno because my friend says this names ino yes/no I am completely confused

  13. You can play UNO with regular cards. You just need to know the rules.

  14. Duality to nonduality is like this … in the end no colors numbers left the first one to empty the cards wins …

  15. If you have to draw a card you keep pulling cards till you get card! That’s how Latinos play😂

  16. This uno must place back the +4 wild and also draw 2 not 4 you BIG NOT KNOWS HOW TO PLAY THE UNO GAME

  17. So what is this pile-up and colors and numbers stuff?

  18. He didn’t mention can challenge other players with wild draw +4. If someone plays this card when the card in hand matches the card in the pile, another player can challenge that play and that player has to show the cards in their hands and if they have a card that matches the card in the pile, then the challenge is successful and that player who put down the wild +4 must now draw 6 cards (+4 for wild and +2 for challenge)

  19. I am so glad I found a very informational video like this one!

  20. I’ve just found out that there’s points but no one wants to do math or pull out a calculator so it’s just who finishes first lol

  21. After I lay my second card to the middle, can someone say uno first before I say it or does it have to be that I need to forget to say uno so that I can get two more cards?

  22. I didn’t know that there are also points in UNO

  23. Anyone else keep drawing from the deck until you find a matching card that is in play? 😂

  24. false rules:
    the play is sometimes not mostly clockwise it just starts clockwise
    the player in the dealers left plays first that silly biggest card thing is not true
    if the first card is a wild (not +4) the first player chooses what colour it is
    new uno cards have symbols not letters
    if somebody catches you for not saying uno u draw 2 cards not 4
    the scoring system doesnt work that way. you take points for the others remaining cards and first to 500 wins
    You did not mention the illegal +4 rule

    you should remake this video

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