How to play Uno Remix (Uno Legacy) -

How to play Uno Remix (Uno Legacy)

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Learn the rules to the card game Uno Remix quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules. For a refresher on the original rules to Uno, check out this video:

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This game plays just like regular uno but with a couple of twists. For a refresher on the regular rules of uno, check out this video. Unwrap the remix cards but do NOT shuffle them. Write each player’s name on the back of the scoresheet. Place the stickers nearby. Count how many players there are. Take that same number of cards from the front of the remix card deck and place them face up in the center of the table. The youngest player goes first and takes one of the remix cards, then proceding clockwise, each other player takes one. Each player writes on their card with a sharpie according to the type of card it is. The new cards are as follows:

Plus card. The next player must draw as many cards as tally marks shown on this card, then their turn is skipped.

Add a mark card. Find any plus card in the play deck and add 1 additional tally mark to it then shuffle it into the deck. Then destroy this card.

Wild + name: to customize, write your name. You may play this wild card at any time, however the person whose name is on the card gets to choose the new color.

Skip to: to customize, write your name. When this is played, play immediately skips to the player written on the card.

The giving card. To customize, write a name of an opponent. When this card is drawn, this card is immediately given to the player whose name is on the card. This card cannot be blocked by a shield.

Shield name. To customize, write your name. You may play a shield from your hand to block a penalty card that would cause you to draw cards. If the name on the shield is your name, then you can block any penalty card regardless of that card’s color. However, if the name is someone else’s name, then you may only block a penalty card with a shield that is the same color of that penalty card. If you are blocking a wild draw 4, you must first wait for the color to be chosen before you can block it. After you play a shield and block a penalty, play continues in the. current order from the player who initially played the penalty card.

Draw 2 name. To customize, add the name of an opponent. When played, if there is one name on the card, then that player must draw 2 cards. If there are two names on the card, then the player who played the card picks one of those 2 players to draw 2 cards. If the player who drew the 2 cards is next in turn order, then their turn is skipped, and the next player goes; otherwise play continues in the current turn order from the player who played the draw 2 name.

Wild draw 4 name. This is the same as the draw 2 name except with 4 cards. The only limitation on this card is that you are not allowed to play this card if you have a card in your hand that matches the color of the top card in the discard pile. If the player who is about to draw the 4 cards thinks you played illegally, they may challenge you. You reveal your hand and if the play was illegal, then you draw the 4 cards instead. But if the play was legal, then the challenger draws 6 cards instead of 4.

Add a name card to draw 2 and draw 4: find any draw 2 or draw 4 card respectively in the game play deck and add any name to the card then destroy this card.

Once everyone’s remix card was been customized, add those cards into the game play deck. Pick a dealer who shuffles the game play deck then deals 7 cards to each player and play like you would normal uno with the added cards. At the end of each round, the winner takes the lowest numbered star sticker and adds it to their score sheet. Before every new round, repeat the process of customizing remix cards; with the winner of the previous round picking the first remix card in the next round. The winner of the previous round is the dealer in the next.

When you run out of remix cards for a round, use however many you have left; then at the end of that round, the player with the most star stickers is given the champion sticker and the player with the fewest is given the jester. If there is a tie, then the champion with the highest numbered star and the jester with the lowest numbered star is given their sticker. Now, both the champion and Jester get to find any card in the deck and cross off 1 name on it.

Although altering of remix cards is finished, you can still continue to play with your unique deck for years to come.


  1. I'm not gonna destroy a card just for some "permanent nature"

  2. Giggs-Chan (Alex Archer New Channel) says:

    Why would you want to destroy a card?!

  3. WhatIfAYoutuberMentionsMeInOneOfHisVideos? says:

    Him: then destroy the cardMe: wait what

  4. This reminds me of a thing I heard of where there were DVD rentals where the disc chemically self-destructs.

  5. the permanent nature is this game bothers me, makes it less and less fun as time goes on the more you play it

  6. this sounds like a joke game lmao, like almost everything you should never do in a card game

  7. What if a player isn't playing?do I have to take their card out?

  8. Also the +4 Name is a wild, but still the same no matching color limitation

  9. the "then destroy this card" part caught me off guard

  10. Him: then destroy this card
    Me: then how are we gonna play again?

  11. This is why i dont play legacy games
    All games are permanenr changes

  12. When he says, "except for a couple of twists" instead of "except for these changes"

  13. i was not prepared for "then destroy this card"

  14. Do you still have to say uno when you have 1 card?

  15. I am so scared of destroy card I will hide card

  16. when he destroyed the cards, I felt that

  17. I have uno remix, but in the finished we have to yell uno

  18. ”No cards have been harmed during the production of this video”

  19. The +4 Name has the same restrictions as a regular +4 tho

  20. i hate games that force you to destroy pieces of them. i paid for the stuff, just have me add the names in the instructions.

  21. this might be more interesting if people had to put "Player 1" instead of names. That way it can be universally used. instead of locked to one group.

  22. Just use those cheapo sticker dots to save your cards.

  23. warning: comment section is full of non-board gamers who probably only play Monopoly and Uno by throwing out the rulesedit: also if you want to play “reusable legacy mode” use pencil and a “trash bag”

  24. Why do you have to rip a card like we buy the cards to play not to rip

  25. You call it legacy, I call it make the players buy another set of cards

  26. Me: Ok this looks fun
    Uno: Destroy cards
    Me: ……

    Also we don't really need to follow rules just take away the card

  27. there is no point in destroying the cards, you can't play the game anymore if you do that.
    instead, just put the card aside until you finish the entire game.
    when you finish the game you can start again and add those cards back in without having to buy a new deck of cards.

    for all of those saying "you have to destroy a card in a legacy game" you are right, but it's unnecessary here, since putting the cards back in the box does the same effect and avoids having to buy a new deck of cards if you want to play again.

  28. it's never a tripple s games video without the phrase "the _ player goes first then play proceeds clockwise". is like watching the show and the main character says he's catch phrase.

  29. Im waiting for an organ attack how to play video so i can buy organ attack 🙂

  30. I've never seen a game that requires you to destroy the card.

  31. If the remixing cards are finished, then unique cards are for regular Uno, right?

  32. New players coming to play after the names have already been written down
    Who wtf is Joe???

  33. Very neat. I know Jim is your name; but what about the other names you used? Are those real people you know, or are they just names you made up?

  34. Does that mean you can't play more than one round of the game with a single deck?

  35. This doesn't sound fun at all. I cringe at destroying the cards, like why not just take then out of the game? Set them aside even.
    Once again we make our own rules to make UNO actually fun.

  36. At 0:18, are those the names of you, your wife, and your kids? I know Jim is your name. What about the others?

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