How to play Uno Mariokart -

How to play Uno Mariokart

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Learn the rules to the card game Uno Mariokart quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules. For a refresher of the original Uno rules, check out this video:

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This game plays the same as regular uno, except for these changes. Each type of card is themed with different image and has an item icon on it. The items don’t do anything during normal play.

The Item Box Card is a wild that may be played on any card. When you play an Item Box, discard the top card of the draw deck. Ignore the number or action of that card and instead look at the item icon on the card to determine what action you will take. The possible actions are as follows:

Mushroom: Take another turn.

Banana Peel: The player’s who’s turn was immediately before you must draw 2 cards, even if their turn was just skipped.

Green Shell: Pick any player to draw 1 card.

Lightning: Every other player must draw 1 card, then you get to take another turn.

Bob-omb: You must draw 2 cards

After you perform the item’s action, you then get to pick the color that resumes play.

At the beginning of the game, if an Item Box is the first card flipped, then the player to the left of the dealer may play any card on it. At the end of the game each Item Box card left in an opponent’s hand is worth 50 points.


  1. Helpful and informative. Appreciate it.

  2. Starman: You discard all your cards and everyone draws the whole deck.

  3. thx dude i just bought one from japan i cant read japanese (i subbed)

  4. I just picked up my own uno mario kart

  5. I am the BEST fan of Mario kart and also the uno version obviously

  6. When you were spelling Uno Mario kart you didn't put a space between Mario and kart

  7. Would love to work out how many versions of Uno could work in one game

  8. The Green shell should have been "Pick a card from your hand and place it face down in front of you. If another player plays the same number, then they get hit and pick up 2 cardsWhen it is your turn, pick up your facedown card and play continues (your shell has missed)". Keeps the low hit rate of the green shell effect from the game.

  9. How many more Uno variations do you need, Jimmy?

  10. Items depend on the color as you saw earlier.

  11. PencilmationWorld // PencilEdd&Thomas Studios says:

    Now as next How To Play UNO Flash Electronic Games

  12. If there's a certain game that I don't mind multiple variations of, then its of Monopoly.

  13. Suggestion:
    Do a Anti-Monopoly how to play video, I haven’t been able to find any high quality ones and it could help

  14. I just subbed 🙂 Your videos are amazing!
    May you do "How to play Monopoly Voice Banking" I had recently purchased it but I have no idea how to play it. I heard it's an amazing game though 🙂

  15. Just like there's loads of Monopoly variants, there's an UNO variant for everything. Mario and Mario Kart are probably among the best ones. I'm now waiting to see if there is a Sonic UNO, since there are Sonic Monopoly variants.

  16. This version of uno genuinely interests me, but the lightning being objectively better than the mushroom and green shell is rather questionable. This is accurate to mario kart, but what's no so accurate is that it seems to have just as much chance at appearing as the mushroom, green shell, and banana.

    It honestly seems like a missed opportunity to put the blue shell as that item instead. It could be whoever is currently leading in points has to draw two cards… even if it's YOU that's leading.

  17. i like how they use mkwii artwork for a game in 2020

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