How to Play UNO (Lisa & Kyle - House Rules) + Gameplay -

How to Play UNO (Lisa & Kyle – House Rules) + Gameplay

Lisa & Kyle Get Board
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Welcome to our UNO tutorial… Lisa and Kyle House Rules edition! Dive into our own UNO variation with us as we explain our house rules. Hear the story of how our version came to be and learn what specialty wild cards we came up with. Watch as we play through a few games and challenge each other to a competitive wager. Loser has to do the winners daily chore!

Who will manage to rack up the most points? Watch to find out!

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How to Play UNO (the right way) + Gameplay:

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  1. It is nice to see you back playing uno again. Keep up the great videos.

  2. You guys are awesome and would be fun to play games with. Lisa, I love your unintentional sneaky tactics it makes me laugh. Check out the play around the 25:40 mark. I think you suffer from the same problems I do when I play. I play off of my cards in order and forget to play off the other players' played cards. That is the only reason I think I catch it.

    Have you guys tried the card game Fluxx?

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