How to Play UNO in Hindi | उनो खेलना सीखें 5 मिनट में -

How to Play UNO in Hindi | उनो खेलना सीखें 5 मिनट में

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उनो खेलना सीखें 5 मिनट में

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  1. are bhai +4 pe +4 chala sakte hai kya jaldi reply do plzesae

  2. wow ek hi baar me sikh gaya meto only 6 min me🤩

  3. Why you are playing uno cards in carom board..??

  4. Aap bhot achhe se explain karte ho ❤❤❤

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  6. My ENO has no wild card
    Yes you read correct I had brought ENO long back like 4-5 years back and they have +4 wild but no normal wild card
    ENO is a Indian Rip-off of UNO

  7. Apne reverse card ko acche se nahi samjhaya. Pehle to apne bataya ki reverse card se samne wale ki turn skip hoti hai jo ki galat hai. Aur even 2 Jan khel rahe ho to bhi reverse card skip jaise nahi kaam karega. Jab 3 ya 3 se jyada log ho to reverse card ka kaam ye hai ki clock wise ko anti clock wise kare. Par agar 2 Jan khel rahe ho to main bhi reverse ko skip jaisa hi use karta tha par logically, usse bas direction change hota hai aur kyunki iss match me third person nahi hai to direction nahi hoga balki reverse card normal number cards jaisa use hoga. Logic se socho pehle mai bhi confused tha par reverse ka 2 person me actually kya use hai wo thoda confusing hai.
    Main explain karta hu. Let's say 3 Jan khel rahe hai aur normally mere baad mere right side ke player ki turn hai to reverse se mere left side wale ki hi turn ayegi na naki meri. Waise hi 2 Jan me waise to opponent samne hai par ham aisa believe kar sakte hai ki wo left ya right me baitha hai to samjho ki wo left me hai to maine reverse dala to right wale ki turn hogi par mere right me koi nahi hai to samne wala hi right wala ho gaya. I hope you are getting what I am saying, maine sabko confuse kiya hai par phir bhi you can try to understand

  8. Fir bhi nahi samaj aya card game kabhi samaj nahi ata

  9. But Jab last me ek pata Bache or koe Colur change kar de to phir Card Uthan padega or Lo hai wahi last me chal sakte hai.

  10. Can you also change colour with 4+ card???

  11. Hey, thank you so much mitra

  12. thank you very much very nicely explained ❤

  13. Mam agar koie gunga vara hoga vo kaisa kahaga Unoooo please reply🙋‍♂️

  14. Umesh nahin khela jata hai aadha rule of Sahi bataye Ho

  15. Thanks to telling how to play UNO I again thanks

  16. I am pro Uno but thanks to telling😎😎

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