How to Play UNO in 4 minutes (Uno card game rules) -

How to Play UNO in 4 minutes (Uno card game rules)

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Nick here!
How are you doing?
Today you will learn how to play UNO with the official rules!
Uno is one of the most popular card games in the world and the Uno card game rules are often full of house rules so this video will teach you the official rules in a concise way. Wanna know how to play a reverse? or if you can play multiple Wild Draw 4 cards? or even how to use multiple action cards? This guide is for you.

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Today`s video was suggested by Paula! Leave some comments if you have suggestions on the next how to play videos.

0:04 – Setup
0:35 – How to Play


– Question: What happens if the first card drawn at the beginning of the game is an Action Card (Wild Card, Reverse, etc)?
– Answer: Except for the Wild Draw 4 card, you should play the effect. Example, if skip card is the first card, then the first player skips his turn. If you draw a Wild Draw 4 card, return the card to the deck and pick another card.

– Question: What happens if we tie during the drafting at the beginning to decide the dealer?
– Answer: The tied players draw one card each. If there is still a tie, draw again until the tie resolves.

– Question: Can I stack a +4 on a +4?
– Answer: In the official rules, no. You can only play the latest +4 effect.

Hope you enjoy!

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  1. I dont like this explanation and your words covering the screen , still doesn't make sense

  2. Can I play wild draw 4 cards even if I still have wild cards with colors in hand?

  3. i have a question, can i play/put card after i play DRAW 4 card after i declare color. example ; i play DRAW 4, next player must draw 4 from deck then skipped their turn then i declared RED, after i declared can i immediately put Red card in my hand.

  4. I have a query..There are 3 people are playing..And one of the person put 3 skip..who will be the next.?

  5. If someone else says uno before u do and its not a winning card on ur hand do u hv to pick

  6. Nice simple instructions on all your videos. 🙏 Thank you

  7. Is it true if I have appropriate card, but I don't want use, I say I don't have?

  8. Wren can you play the action/ symbol cards? Anytime or if you have no cards to play matching the discard pile?

  9. Is there any special rule for 7 and 0?

  10. Had n interesting end of the game. a player called UNO. Then the last card in his hand was "Swap Hands" card. We declared him the winner and counted points. Is that correct?

  11. Is there difference between swap hands and shuffle card, or is it same?

  12. Yeah.. I'm still using my own custom rules :DAlso, are this the original rules?

  13. Can we keep draw +4 wild card even though we have wild card? I would be happy if you answer me

  14. I think the rules you said is the correct, many people say if we keep shuffle card, the person who discard the card can choose anyone and exchange the cards. Which is correct? (official rule). Im glad if you reply to my answer

  15. Can we win using shuffle card? If no, then please say what to next (the person who has shuffle card)

  16. If player A discards draw +4 wild card and then player B draws 4 cards, and then player A said colour red, and i dont have red,. So can i keep draw +4 card (Imagine I am player C)?. Please reply to my question, I asked many youtubers… Non of them didn't answer. So there is only 1 way, ask to you😇

  17. If player A dicards +2 card, is it compulsory to player B to take 2 cards? He can keep another +2 card right? So should player C takes 2+2=4 cards?

  18. So fun🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠

  19. What are the rules about the wild shuffle hands card if played last card. Does the player who draw it wins or he does joins the shuffle hands

  20. Wow you really did my suggestion 👍 Keep up the good work 🙂

  21. Haha, that's not at all how we play it in our family, but I am glad I could learn the official rules here. Thanks Nic!

  22. You don't match up the ones you have? Add up?? 🤷🤷

  23. Thank you. Ever since I started school, my friends have been playing cards and wanted to learn properly. Very helpful

  24. thank you because l was confused in those function action cards 😁

  25. Very awesome explanation!! Clarified a lot! I only have one question regarding stacking… Can a player stack multiple number cards, for example, I have three “6” cards, is it possible for me to drop all three “6” cards or do I just drop one “6” card on the discard pile. Thanks 😊

  26. This is the rules but the shuffle hands card is replaced by a swap hands card.

  27. what if i use a shuffle hand card as a last card? ( after saying uno when i left with a one card)

  28. I have cards from 20 years ago and they have a different design…. The wild +4 card is red (not black)… What rule applies here?

  29. I didn’t understand the stacking draw 2 cards card. What do you mean by you can’t stack the draw 2 cards card?

  30. If u have a 6 red can u play a a 6 in blue at the same time?

  31. What about the blank cards? When to use them?

  32. I think it's time you should update your thumbnails

  33. As a 90's kid, I have to learn this when I am with some 2010's kids and beyond 😂

  34. one quick question. what if my last card is draw 2 and I place it in the game. but, my opponent also puts his draw 2 on that card. Am I still a winner as all my cards are over or I need to pick 2 cards?

  35. Quick question. Can I put a different symbol card on top of a another symbol card (with matching colours) in UNO

  36. the only video that made any sense when explaining this game👍👍👍 I watched many videos but couldn't understand the rules clearly.
    but now I can play the game easily👍😍thankyou

  37. I still don't get adding points in order to win

  38. I’m 34 years old …. Iv been playing wrong for 25 years 🙁 BUT it’s nice to know 🙂 Thank You 😊

  39. Can a player play 4 draw card after the opponent has played 4 draw card and skip to draw 4 cards from pile?? And then does the other person need to draw 8 cards in all?

  40. After skip card next player get skipped then what will be the move of second next player

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