How to play Uno game in telugu || uno card game rules || -

How to play Uno game in telugu || uno card game rules ||

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This is the most interesting card game..
I mentioned rules in this video are taken from internet & some websites.
I hope you are all like this video..
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  1. This game, inta clarity ga evaru cheppaledu bro. Tqtq

  2. Bro okavela eddaru players adutunaru anukundam naa degara last card skip or reverse vundi and naa friend degara +4 vundi and some cards vunaye nenu skip card vestey naa friend skip aye nenu game gelustana or naa friend +4 vese game continue cheyocha

  3. Bro wid card lastlo unta ela upiyoginchali

  4. Bro if number matches then we can place 2cards at a time

  5. Annaya nuv Pokemon inka benten cards gurinche video chey annaya ala aadalo

  6. Naku Sariga Ardham kaledu Sir☹️

  7. Thankyou very much for your good explanation your vedio helped me a lot really thankyou once agian……🙂

  8. Anna maa friends last lo oke number oke colour unna cards vestaaru. Valla cards ayipootayi vallu win avutaaru ala veyyacha anna

  9. I if power left for uno also panalality

  10. I know before only got 2000 rupees

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