How to play UNO FLIP in Hindi -

How to play UNO FLIP in Hindi

Trish Air
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This video gives the complete explanation of the game UNO FLIP in Hindi.

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  1. Agar hamare pass donon same number yah donon sim card do colour ke to kya karna chahie

  2. When we show wild card and tell green than opponent don't have green cad what he have to do & in case the opponent is picking from deck the one card picked from deck is also other colour by opponent in that case what we have to do ?

  3. +5 ke upar to +5 chal skte the
    U missed that sis

  4. Bahut sahi……thank you broh !! 😁😁

  5. If we play a action card like +5,+2 wild card etc so if I play the +5 card can I play the +5 again but different colour?

  6. Keep it up I. Love you the way you told Trish air😉😉😉😊

  7. There occured a scenario where when the flip card was dealt, all tge discard pile was flipped and after flipping, there was flip card on the top. What to do in that situation?

  8. Thank you for teaching us how to play this… It was really helpful 🙂

  9. Agar draw pile me cards khatam ho jaye to Jab discard pile se cards rakhenge toh usme se top ka card discard pile me rakhna hai ? And thank you and also are you well from corona now?

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